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The Fascinating Tale of the Rare 1964 Jefferson Nickel with No Mint Mark

July 26, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  • The 1964 Jefferson Nickel, which consists of 75% copper and 25% nickel, is a popular piece among coin collectors and traders.
  • A total of 2,825,919,922 nickel coins were minted in 1964.
  • A 1964 nickel coin in circulated state is worth its face value (5-cent).
  • However, specific rare versions of this coin, particularly the rare 1964 Jefferson nickel with no mint mark, can fetch significant amounts at auctions and coin trade shows.

The Rich History of the 1964 Jefferson Nickel

The 1964 Jefferson Nickel is an iconic American coin, characterized by the portrait of Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States, on its obverse side. The reverse side features Monticello, Jefferson’s stately home in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Designed by Felix Oscar Schlag, this coin entered production in 1938, replacing the Indian Head cent in circulation. Its primary aim was to honor Thomas Jefferson, commemorating his profound contributions to the nation’s development.

What Makes the Rare 1964 Jefferson Nickel with No Mint Mark So Coveted?

Interestingly, the 1964 Jefferson Nickel was the last of its kind to bear mint marks until 1968. The absence of a mint mark on some of these coins has made them particularly sought after by numismatics enthusiasts.

Coins without mint marks, indicating that they were minted in Philadelphia, have a sharper appearance than their counterparts. While they’re typically valued at face value, certain errors or unique features can significantly enhance their worth.

Decoding the Value of a 1964 Jefferson Nickel

Determining the value of a 1964 Jefferson Nickel involves assessing several crucial factors. These include the condition of the coin, its type (whether it’s from Philadelphia or Denver), and the current market demand for such coins. The highest bids often come for the scarce 1964 nickels, such as the Full Steps (FS) or Special Mint Set (SMS) variants.

For instance, the Denver mint struck 1,797,297,160 nickels in 1964, identifiable by the “D” mint mark on the reverse side. On the other hand, the Philadelphia mint produced 1,028,622,762 1964 nickels with no mint mark, including the coveted rare 1964 Jefferson nickel with no mint mark.

Worth More Than Face Value: The Rare 1964 Jefferson Nickel with No Mint Mark

While a typical 1964 nickel from the Philadelphia mint may only fetch its face value (5 cents), those boasting Full Steps (FS) can attract higher prices. The distinctively discernible 5FS or 6FS designs are notoriously hard to find, and when found, can command prices anywhere from $20 to $15,000.

The Ultra-Rare 1964 SMS Nickel

The 1964 SMS (Special Mint Set/ Special Strike) nickel is incredibly valuable due to its rarity. With only one to two dozen known to exist, a 1964 SMS nickel can be worth well over $30,000. For example, the most expensive 1964 Jefferson nickel SMS ever sold fetched an astounding $31,900.

Final Thoughts

While the 1964 Jefferson Nickels are quite abundant, those in lower grades are often ignored by collectors. The real treasure lies in discovering the rare variants such as the FS or SMS versions, or indeed, the rare 1964 Jefferson nickel with no mint mark. These gems are worth significantly more than their face value and are exciting finds for any coin collector or trader.

As the numismatics community continues to appreciate the historical significance and design elegance of the 1964 nickel, its allure continues to grow. Indeed, this iconic coin, featuring Thomas Jefferson and his palatial Monticello, will forever remain a coveted piece of America’s numismatic history.

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