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The Best Luxury Brands For Kids | Expert Recommendations

December 12, 2022
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This article showcases our top picks for the Luxury Brands For Kids. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Figgy Play

This product was recommended by Veronica Barriga from Figgy Play

The Figgy is an infinitely versatile, and stylish adventure play-kit sparking creative playtime across the U.S. It’s a raft for the high seas, a rocket-ship to the moon, or even a cocoon for reading hour. It’s anything and everything you kiddo can imagine. Parents also love that it’s easy to clean up, and fits seamlessly into any living space. Better yet, it doesn’t hurt when stepped on, and it’s a great alternative to oh-so-tempting screen time. Plus, health leaders & therapists are also recognizing The Figgy for its development and therapeutic value!

Colline luxury shoe

This product was recommended by Kyle Long from Notional Finance

I’d love to share with you a VERY special new luxury shoe brand for children, called Colline. This brand new collection features upcycled leather from the luxury handbag industry, handmade in Tuscany in bright and vibrant colors in a range of ‘barefoot’ styles that promote foot health and strength for growing kids. They’re awesomely unique, promote foot health and growth, are supportive yet flexible enough for play indoors and outdoors, and they’re even personalizable.

SNOO Baby Rocker and Sleeping Bed

This product was recommended by Colleen Colodany from Kids Wiki

SNOO is an automatic Baby Rocker and Sleeping Bed. It automatically rocks your baby to sleep and uses soothing white noise to boost sleep. Although a little pricey, this product will save new mothers a lot of sleepless nights. Unlike other bassinets, SNOO makes sure the baby is completely safe so the mother can relax and the baby can sleep comfortably too, making this product worth its value.

Burberry Childrenswear

This product was recommended by Colleen Colodany from Kids Wiki

Burberry Children is one of the first fashion brands to launch a children’s clothing line. The clothes are affordable and also fashionable. They are sure to make your child look like a superstar. Another fashion brand for children is Gucci Children. This brand is simply a tiny version of adult clothes, except a little more child appropriate. You and your child can also twin with each other by wearing clothes of the same design.

StereoType Clothing Brand

This product was recommended by Olga Moreno from VIBES Creative

StereoType is designed to celebrate kids’ individuality and freedom of expression by blending traditional ideas of boys’ and girls’ wear. Inspired by San Francisco-based designer Elizabeth Brunner’s boy-girl twins and their blended fashion, StereoType combines elements of style, design, and comfort to inspire creativity, individuality and freedom of expression for kids – perfect for going back to school in style and comfort. *In addition to kids clothing, **StereoType also offers parents adult tees, caps and beanies, perfect for matching with your kiddos for everyday outings, family photos, holidays, etc.

Kidswant Girls Princess Dress up Costume

This product was recommended by Rousseau Vestal from Find The Aisle

Princess dress composed of mesh-like nylon, polyester, and premium cotton. The fabric is pleasant to wear, soft and breathable, and kind to skin. Your little girl will become a unique princess thanks to the princess costume set’s sturdy, high-quality jewellery necklace accessories. Perfect for princess dress-up, Christmas, a birthday, Halloween, and other special occasions, this lovely princess cosplay outfit. It’s the ideal present for your little daughters.

Disney Red Balloon Kids’ Strap Watch

This product was recommended by Phillip Villegas from Three Pedal Mafia

All the various personalities and interests that children could have are represented by this upbeat and entertaining brand. Red Balloon is all about having fun, using vibrant colours, animated creatures, and characters to give your kids a sense of identity. A fun approach for children and adults to learn how to tell time is provided by the interactive Time Teacher Punch Out Clock that comes with every purchase.

Baby Dior

This product was recommended by Ellie Walters from FindPeopleFaster

The Dior brand is the first big fashion house with a collection dedicated solely to children. The brand is known for the quality of fashionable clothes they produce. The brand caters to both boys and girls.

Chloe Kidswear

This product was recommended by Harriet Chan from CocoFinder

Chloe love the trendy boho looks in snug kids wear? The children’s collection by Chloe is nothing less than high fashion for your youngsters. They have an exclusive range of collections for all age groups, with prices to match the luxury label. Garments are created with the same carefree and relaxed attitude as the adult line, but with an innocent twist that only kids can carry off.From woody shoes to hats and gloves, the line has something for every season. You can also shop by season to match the spirit of the times. The Chloe website makes it a breeze to shop for your kids, with a user-friendly interface and easy navigation. Being in the field for 15 years, they seem to ace the art of high fashion for kids with new releases and eye-popping designer wears, every now and then.

Bonpoint Shoes

This product was recommended by Jean Chen from Cicinia

Bonpoint is known for high-quality and luxurious products for babies and kids. However, as of today they also produce items for adults. They have different products for kids like jackets, shoes, sweaters, different kinds of dresses, lotions, and other skin care for children. They are prominent in their children’s clothing. Its idea of providing clothes for children arose when the founder saw that the fashion of the child is almost the same as that of adults.

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