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The Best Luxury Brands For Home Decor

February 4, 2023
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This article showcases our top picks for the Luxury Brands For Home Decor. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Art by XRDH

This product was recommended by Xilesia Dwyer Henry from Art by XRDH

Art by XRDH is a new company connecting ethics, concept and luxury within each art sold. Every piece has been crafted using the finest quality trade and construction materials, as well as up-cycling materials that would typically be disposed of. Creative Director and Founder Xilesia Dwyer Henry studied and gaining knowledge in understanding the luxury consumer market, and learning the craft behind creating renowned work for the art market. At Art by XRDH pieces are finished to a perfection from both consumer and craft makers standards.

Claire Crowe Collection

This product was recommended by Kayla Azar from Claire Crowe Collection

Since 2010, Claire Crowe Collection has specialized in artisan metalwork designs for the home. Inspired by the enduring expressions of nature and the inherent beauty of metals, the collection honors nature’s most exquisite forms. Product offerings include fireplace screens, wall sculptures, tables, and tabletop accessories sure to add a layer of luxury to any room. Each product is hand-crafted and hand-painted in the USA.

Fort Standard

This product was recommended by Mia Knezevic from Roomcrush

This contemporary design studio based in Brooklyn brings the focus of décor back to artisanal craftsmanship and luxury minimalism. Most of their furniture is made to order, giving you design, material, and finish options to make each piece fit perfectly with your existing décor. Aside from furniture, the brand’s FS Objects line provides the perfect finishings for modern minimalist homes, including unique, yet functional items like wall hooks, candle holders, and stone shelves.


This product was recommended by Jen Stark from Happy DIY Home

Swiss-based Vitra is a third-generation family firm with a commitment to the environment, culture, and business. The Vitra Home Collection includes traditional and modern furnishings, lighting, and home decor items. It not only manufactures furniture and designs retail spaces, but it also has a campus on which buildings designed by top international architects are located. Visitors and staff alike are inspired by the Vitra Campus and the Vitra Design Museum’s exhibitions, design archives, and extensive furniture collection.

Campbell Watson

This product was recommended by Danny Watkinson from Dijitul

Campbell Watson is a high-end brand providing a wide range of luxury home decor solutions. They are specialists in storage, creating luxury bespoke fitted wardrobes, walk-in wardrobes, bedroom furniture, and storage systems. All products are made in Italy, meaning customers are guaranteed superior styles and craftsmanship, with a product that is built to last.

Buster + Punch

This product was recommended by Eliot Thomas from AYKO

Born in East London, Buster + Punch has grown into a luxury international interior design brand specialising in the highest quality internal hardware. Buster + Punch designs everything from kitchens to electrics and top-of-the-range drinks cabinets and recently collaborated on a range with legendary American rockstar Travis Barker. Inspired by London’s fashion, music and subculture scene, Buster + Punch are world-renowned for its quality and luxury designs working with rare, solid metals to make extraordinary items for everyday use. They are constantly creating an innovative collection of unforgettable designs.


This product was recommended by Kristi Smith from Honest Brand Reviews

This brand was incorporated in 1927 and brought classic Italian furniture to the market. The brand has a variety of items under its belt, ranging from sofas to essentials for outdoor living. Cassina incorporates traditional skills and superior productivity. Meticulous attention to detail and passion, uniqueness and experimentation. Today, the business continues to address new lifestyles by creating complete, harmonious interior decor solutions.

Egg Collective

This product was recommended by Lily Will from Ever Wallpaper

Egg Collective is a luxury home decor brand, founded in 2011 in New York City. It is the brainchild of three women – Crystal Ellis, Stephanie Beamer, and Hillary Petrie. All three of them are the most recognized designers in the world. Every masterpiece they design is handcrafted and unique like you would’ve never seen before anywhere. They make each piece of furniture according to the requirements of their clients, and no style is ever-repeated at the workshop. This means that every item they create is a one-off, and no one else will have the same, making Egg Collective items even more desirable.

Fendi Casa

This product was recommended by David Tully from eXp Realty

The Fendi Casa collection was created to complement the fashion house by adding high-end household essentials. It is one of the finest luxury home decor brands. With the line, the company offers to refurbish homes with furniture bearing the Fendi name. The line offers a wide variety of items, including kitchen tables, sofas, and bedroom sets, allowing you to order every piece of furniture for your home straight from the upscale retailer rather than simply accessories.

Space Copenhagen

This product was recommended by Patrick O’Sullivan from getMULTIfamily

In 2004, this brand started its journey in Copenhagen. After a short time of opening due to its simple yet aesthetic products, it caught the eye of the public. They are now a mainstream brand for decorations and their warming home appliances. This is a brand that is featured worldwide, as the products can be found in almost every luxury hotel.

Lindsey Adelman

This product was recommended by Patrick O’Sullivan from getMULTIfamily

This is a brand that takes the lighting of a house to another level. This high-end royal lighting studio offers different and stylish chandeliers, light fixtures, and many more items that help illuminate the room. The creative person behind the company never fails to amaze the clients with her design and innovative gadgets. Her eye-catching products have got the attention of the whole world.


This product was recommended by Jeff Tricoli from Tricoli Team Real Estate

Vonnegut/Kraft is a New York-based creative design studio created by Katrina Vonnegut and Brian Kraft. The brand believes that good design elevates the collective human experience. The brand offers top-of-the-class furniture, lighting, and objects that add a new dimension of luxury, elegance, and beauty to your home aesthetics.


This product was recommended by Eric Jones from Couture Candy

Hermes is, without any doubt, one of the most iconic interior design lines in the world. Before any other luxury line set themselves to conquer the art of living, Hermes was already proposing their unique work at home. It has a complete line of office accessories in several noble materials and fabrics, such as chairs, cushions, plates, and much more.

Ritz Paris

This product was recommended by Greg Covell from What’s My House Worth

This brand certainly has the best collection when it comes to giving your mansion a grand touch of appeal. Ritz Paris provides furniture and accessories featuring designs popular in the French culture of upscale lifestyles and unique to any style of interior preference. This is mostly a fit for homeowners with large multi-family homes or spacious residences.


This product was recommended by Greg Covell from What’s My House Worth

This name is prominent when it comes to an international style of interior designs and timeless works of art. Baccarat is well known for its work on crystal pieces that are ornamental in most of the leading hotels in the world. Their crystal decor is perfect for a living room with several lighting fixtures and space foBr special attention to luxury.


This product was recommended by Sal Dimiceli, Sr. from Lake Geneva Area Realty

Visual Comfort and Co. is a pioneer in the creation of timeless and versatile home decor pieces, which are perfect for both modern and traditional interiors. From classic desk lamps to luxurious pendants and elegant floor lamps, the brand offers a touch of excellence in every product they offer! The wide offerings of Visual Comfort and Co. include ceramic gourds, iron cages, alabaster ceiling pendants, and crystal obelisks. The recent collaboration with forward-thinking designers has allowed this brand to come up with some of the most attractive and exciting light designs in the market.


This product was recommended by Sal Dimiceli, Sr. from Lake Geneva Area Realty

The signature range of lighting decor, home accessories, and tableware from AERIN is something that can change the overall aesthetics of your home. The brand believes in the philosophy that living beautifully must be effortless. Focusing on that brand personality, AERIN comes with beautiful home decor pieces that showcase the subtle glamor and power of golden touches and perfect finishes.

Dimore Gallery

This product was recommended by Nathan Hughes from Art Ignition

I like this brand because they have a collection of the best pieces, all made with Italian designs. Dimore is founded by Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran. And they are experts at mixing the past with the present in their collection. You will also find contemporary and historical design furniture, chandeliers, and other home decor. If you are someone who loves vintage with a modern hint in it, then Dimore Gallery is for you.

Essential Home

This product was recommended by Lynne Martin from Cash For Houses

Moving into a new home can be one of life’s great joys, but it can also be a time of uncertainty especially when it comes to turning our apartment into what we fantasize about. Most times we feel a burning desire to redecorate our space. Creative thoughts flood our minds as we spend every waking moment thinking about finding the perfect piece of furniture. Essential Home is a brand that brings a unique take to the trendy mid-century style. With a contemporary and modern twist, this luxury brand from Portugal brings forward the importance of craftsmanship, the excellence of quality work, and a stylish design to their pieces that are beloved by interior designers and celebrities around the world. It brings a large selection of premium products from essential cleaning supplies to must-have kitchen equipment and beyond. All households are different and Essential Home understands this they pride themselves on providing a reliable, genuine, respectful, helpful, and effective service that you can rely on.

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