The Benefits of Professional Dog Grooming

The Benefits of Professional Dog Grooming
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You may think taking your dog to the groomers simply makes them look nice—turns out there are some fantastic benefits of professional dog grooming. Let’s take a look at these incredible benefits for your pup.

Better Hygiene

The most apparent benefit of professional dog grooming is the increased hygiene of a clean and happy pup. The groomer will brush away all the dead skin cells to leave your dog fresh and clean. Nobody enjoys a smelly dog, so take your pup to the groomers to freshen them up.

Lower Chance of Ear Infection

Removing the gunk and buildup from your pup’s ears is vital for preventative care against ear infections. Your groomer will also trim any fur around the edges of the ears to eliminate other issues. Regularly checking your dog’s ears will help maintain their hearing; after all, ear infections are one of the leading causes of hearing loss in dogs.

Healthier Coats

No matter what breed you have, the quality and condition of your pet’s fur will improve when you take them to the groomer for a nice wash and brush. Brushing alone will help remove the dirt and dead skin from their coat. It will also aid in distributing their natural oils, creating a shinier and healthier coat.

Check for Fleas

Unfortunately, fleas come with the territory when you own a dog. The groomer will check for fleas each visit and provide treatment if they find any. Regular grooming visits will also help in preventing fleas and eggs.

Nail Trims

Trimming your dog’s nails yourself can be challenging, especially if you have a squirmy pet. Nails are difficult for your dog to walk on if they become neglected for too long. Professional groomers will trim your dog’s nails with ease and save you a headache.


If your pup’s nails are visibly touching the ground when they’re standing, it’s time for a trim.

No More Matted Hair

A mat occurs when the hair or fur becomes entangled and bunched together. Dogs will likely develop mats if they have a medium to long coat. If you leave these untreated, they can get out of control and pull on the skin. Regular grooming and brushing reduce the chance of your pup developing mats.

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