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The Allure of Alexandrite: Why This Gemstone Commands Such a High Price

September 5, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  • Alexandrite cost is highly variable, ranging from $15,000 to $70,000 per carat, depending on several key factors.
  • Grading plays a pivotal role, with top-quality alexandrites from Brazil and Russia often costing twice as much as their counterparts.
  • Size matters in the gem market, and surprisingly, smaller alexandrites can be more expensive than diamonds and rubies.
  • Origin is critical, as it significantly influences the gem’s authenticity and value.

The Mystique of Alexandrite

Alexandrite is no ordinary gemstone; it is a masterpiece of nature. It’s famous for its unique ability to change color—being “an emerald by day and a ruby by night.” While other gemstones like diamonds and rubies often steal the limelight, when it comes to captivating color play and scarcity, alexandrite holds its ground remarkably well. But what is it that influences alexandrite cost, making it one of the most expensive gemstones?

The Dynamic Pricing of Alexandrite

Unlike some gemstones that have a more standardized pricing model, the cost of alexandrite can be akin to a rollercoaster. A quality stone may set you back at least $15,000 per carat, while larger stones above 1 carat can reach a staggering $70,000. Several factors contribute to this fluctuation in price, including:

  • Degree of Color Change: The more dramatic the color change, the higher the price.
  • Size: Larger stones are generally more expensive, but not exponentially so.
  • Clarity: Inclusions or ‘blemishes’ can significantly devalue the gem.
  • Origin: Stones from certain locales, like Brazil and Russia, can command higher prices.

Grading Alexandrite: Not All Gems Are Created Equal

The quality of alexandrite is usually graded into low, medium, and top-quality categories:

  • Low Grade: These stones display minimal or no color change and are often priced below $2,000 per carat.
  • Medium Grade: Displaying a color change above 50%, these stones can range between $5,000 and $20,000.
  • Top Quality: With a color change of 80-100%, these gems can go for more than $20,000 per carat.

Alexandrites from Brazil and Russia often fetch even higher prices, especially in the medium and top-quality brackets.

The Diamond and Ruby Comparison: Where Does Alexandrite Stand?

When talking about alexandrite cost, one can’t help but compare it to other gemstones like diamonds and rubies. On average, alexandrites are more expensive than diamonds—often costing about three times more for a stone of comparable size. However, large Burmese rubies (above 4 carats) can sometimes eclipse alexandrite’s price tag.

Interestingly, smaller alexandrites under 1 carat are more expensive than diamonds and rubies, underscoring the gemstone’s rarity even in diminutive sizes.

Investment Potential and Authenticity: A Buyer’s Guide

It’s worth noting that genuine, certified alexandrites make for a solid investment. However, the key to capitalizing on this is to source the gemstone from a reputable dealer, as the origin plays a crucial role in determining its value. Before making a purchase, it’s advisable to consult experts in the field, ensuring that the high alexandrite cost you are paying translates into a worthwhile investment.

In Conclusion: The Complex Tapestry of Alexandrite’s Pricing

Alexandrite is a gem that captivates with its color-changing abilities, rarity, and the complex range of factors that go into determining its cost. Whether you’re a collector, investor, or someone enamored by its mystical properties, understanding the nuances of alexandrite cost can enrich your appreciation of this exceptional gemstone.

While its price tag may be hefty, those who own an alexandrite often argue that the joy and intrigue it brings are beyond any monetary value. And in that intangible quality lies the true allure of this extraordinary gem.

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