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The Most Decadent Luxury Chocolate Brands That You Can Buy

April 2, 2019
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Everyone likes chocolate. Most people are familiar with basic chocolate that can be purchased at the store, but many people are unaware of the real difference in taste and quality that can be offered by a luxury chocolate purchase. If you thought that locally purchased chocolate was delicious, you will be amazed at what a luxury chocolate brand can offer you.

20 of the Most Decadent Luxury Chocolate Brands

Chocolates have long been the standard for gifts for both family and for romantic gifts. Whether you are buying for Valentine’s Day or for another holiday, chocolate is always a solid choice to select. Here is our list of the most indulgent and decadent luxury chocolates that you can buy.

La Maison du Chocolat

This brand has been around since 1955 and has long been revered for their chocolate eclairs alongside a whole host of other chocolate creations. While spendy, it is not unreasonably priced for a luxury chocolate brand with most products coming in around $65.00 a pound. La Maison du Chocolat is a special treat no matter what the occasion and is a solid choice for anyone looking to purchase a high-quality chocolate gift.

Vosges Haut Chocolat

Vosges is well-known for creative flavor selections like bacon truffles or smoked truffles. They make a variety of products and even offer some products inspired by other countries such as their Indian Curry chocolates. An order with Vosges will come in around $69.00 a pound and is well worth the price for creative flair and unique presentation.

Teuscher Choloate

Swiss chocolate is often head and shoulders above other makers’ chocolates and Teuscher proves this old adage to be true. Orders from Teuscher are custom made by hand and they offer large selection of flavor choices and styling options. This is a great brand if you are looking to get a custom gift that was made just for that occasion that you are buying for. Teuscher charges around $75.00 a pound, which makes them very affordable for hand-made custom ordered choclates.

Jacques Torres Chocolates

Long revered as one of the most amazing chocolate artists in the world, Jacques Torres is known for his artistic and unique chocolates that are more like art than food. He is also a pastry chef which means that you can order custom chocolates from him with the added flair of a pastry twist. These are custom orders and will be priced according to whatever is requested, but there is no better way to set yourself apart as the giver of an amazing gift.

Richard Donnelly Chocolates×520.jpg

This brand has been around since 1988 and is known for artistic classic styles that are familiar and still special. Donnelly has been the winner of many awards in the industry for flavor and technique and the custom-made chocolates that he produces are second to none. These are also custom orders and are priced accordingly, but buying a truly unique chocolate gift is well worth the price.

Debauve & Gallais

This brand is very old, having been founded in 1800.The company originally made toffees, but later branched out to chocolate making. They do not use dyes or any artificial ingredients in their creations and they promise to use a higher cocoa percentage than competitors for a healthier and richer chocolate. They additionally make Turkish and Spanish treats and are well-known for the wide range of options that can be had with a custom order. This is a spendier option at $94.00 a pound but their unique flavors and their regional treats make this a reasonable price point for the chocolate that you will be getting.

Chuao Chocolatier

This is the ultimate company to buy from if you want creative and truly unique chocolates to give as a gift. They offer fun flavors like popping candies, chipotle and chili chocolates and many other truly unique and variable flavors.They also promise not to use preservatives or anything that is not 100% natural in their products. A pound of their chocolates will cost you around $79.00 a pound but they are well worth the cost if you want truly unforgettable chocolates to give to friends, family or to your valentine.

Pierre Marcolini×265.png

Another custom-order option for truly artistic chocolates, Marcolini makes truly inspired chocolate art that offers many unique flavors and textures in each box. He is well-known in the US but has also become famous in Europe during recent years for his truly artistic and inspired creations that you simply cannot get from any other maker. A pound will cost you $102.50 but the end result will be nothing short of art that you can eat.

Godiva G Collection

Godiva is a household name and they market many levels of product. Their G Collection is full of lush and unique flavors like Tasmanian Honey and Pale d’Or. This is a great option to order from since they have 600 actual physical locations to go to if you want to see the product before you buy. Godiva is also well-known for their lovely product packaging that is art in and of itself. This is a brand that has been around since 1926 and knows how to make truly unique, memorable and delicious chocolates that will suit anyone’s needs if they are trying to buy luxury chocolates for a special occasion.

Richart Cholocates

A French brand that has been around since 1925, Richart knows how to make delicious and artistic chocolates. They offer many of their high-end products in retail outlets for luxury items but you can also get a custom order from them if the retail options are not quite what you were looking for. They make some of the most beautiful and artistic packaging for their products, making them a solid choice for a present that will be as gorgeous as it is delicious. They run about $120.00 a pound but the packaging alone more than justifies this cost.


This is an ultra-luxury brand and a single pound will cost you $508.00. However, the chocolate is covered in 24-karat gold flakes! They offer classic taste profiles like vanilla and coconut and the gold-leaf covered chocolates could not be more beautiful.

Wispa Gold Wrapped Chocolates

This is a Cadbury deluxe brand offering and was originally conceived in 1995. It has been discontinued and re-launched since, making it a rare choice that cannot be had without some effort. These are caramels with the highest quality chocolate and they will cost you $1,628.00 a pound. Since there are so few of these chocolates made in a year, they are as unique as they are decadent.

Chocopolgie by Knipschildt

One of the most couture names in luxury chocolates, Chocopologie costs $250.00 for a single piece. They make unique and fascinating creations like truffles within another truffle and their taste selections are utterly superb.

La Medline au Truffe by Knipschildt[email protected]?v=1532398286

Another offering from the same designer as Chocopolgie, this delicious luxury offering sells for $2,600 a pound. The flavors offered are various and truly decadent. Only the best ingredients are used for this chocolate and the decoration and wrapping of the chocolates is in keeping with the price point.

Burdick Chocolates


This luxury brand is a wonderful blend of decadent and quality work and easy retail access. The company makes themed boxes full of whimsical treats like chocolate mice. You can buy traditional boxes that your parents would recognize, or go out on a limb and get the most creative chocolates that you have ever seen.

Christopher Norman Chocolates[email protected]?v=1579372542

If chocolate bars are your preference, Christopher Norman offers the most lush and delicious chocolate bars that you can buy anywhere. They are made with unique flavor options like Meso Cacao and are as delicious and unique as any order of truffles from another luxury designer.

Marie Belle

Another wonderful company that offers couture quality chocolate with the easy access of a retail website to back it, Marie Belle makes lush and beautifully presented boxes of themed treats that will make even the most demanding family member or loved on say wow.

Recchiuti Chocolates

This is another luxury chocolate company that makes classically designed boxes of sweets that can be themed or just modeled after the sample boxes that we all loved as kids. You can add fun accessories to your orders like nuts, toys and other cleverly designed additions that make each gift unique and special.

Moonstruck Chocolates

This is a company that is known for their adult friendly luxury chocolates. You can get alcoholic sweets and treats and even pastries and toffees to go along with your custom order!

Lake Champlain Chocolates

If a cleverly themed box with beautiful packaging is what you need, Lake Champlain is the place to go. Buy themed boxes, baskets and custom orders as this company and have confidence that all of the products in the box have been sourced responsibly and sustainably.

Buying a decadent chocolate gift is a classic and satisfying way to celebrate a holiday, declare your love, or say that you are thinking of someone. If you don’t want to buy a run of the mill gift, this list will help you to find the most unique and delicious chocolates available anywhere in the world. Chocolate does not have to be basic. Make sure that you are giving a gift that will be remembered by selecting a luxury chocolate for special occasions.

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