Spotlight on Jakarta’s Pioneering Digital Marketing Agencies: A Levi Keswick Exclusive

February 7, 2024
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As the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta serves as the economic, political, and business hub of the archipelago, boasting a vibrant digital marketing industry. In Jakarta Pusat, the central administrative region of this cosmopolitan city, numerous companies are bringing important contributions to the proliferation of digital marketing practices in the region, here are a few ones to take a look at.

The companies detailed in this article range from digital marketing agencies, SEO experts, advertising firms, web development companies, and many more. With digital marketing taking the prominent seat in almost every industry nowadays, these companies are the backbone of a very dynamic digital landscape in Indonesia.

We at Levi Keswick are committed to highlighting the best of fashion and luxury worldwide and these companies are making waves in the usually upscale and deluxe Digital Marketing industry. Each company brings a unique offering to this ever-evolving industry. Let’s delve into each of them.

UKMGO Digital

Founded by M. Nahrowi, Rudi Yanto, and the UKMGO Group, UKMGO Digital offers digital solutions to help local small and medium-sized businesses in Indonesia. They provide a variety of services ranging from website creation to online promotion and social media management. More soon on their Linkedin page.

MicroAd Blade Indonesia

Offering services in Advertising, Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing and Web Development, MicroAd Blade Indonesia has been helping businesses to increase their visibility in the digital space. Check out their Facebook and Linkedin pages.

Idealights Creative Indonesia

Founded by Andrew Tanyono, Idealights Creative Indonesia dedicates its expertise in Advertising, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Management. More about them on their Facebook and Linkedin pages.

Dotcom Solution

Specializing in Digital Marketing, Information Technology, SEO, Dotcom Solution provides advanced IT solutions. You can also follow them on their Facebook and Linkedin pages.


EDTS, is a multidisciplinary company offering Cloud Computing, Data Center, Digital Marketing, IT services, IoT services. More soon on their Facebook and Linkedin pages.

Opto Screen

Focusing on Advertising, Digital Entertainment, Digital Marketing, Digital Media, Opto Screen is delivering catchy and engaging digital content.

Digital Niaga Solusindo

Offering Digital Marketing, IT, Web Development services, Digital Niaga Solusindo ensures your business has a strong online presence. They also have a Facebook and a Linkedin page.

Amco Creative Agency

Finally, there is Amco Creative Agency, a multidisciplinary agency offering Advertising, Digital Marketing, Digital Media, and Graphic Design services. Check out their Facebook page.

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