Some of The Most Exciting Ways to Experience Kazakhstan

Some of The Most Exciting Ways to Experience Kazakhstan

February 14, 2022
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When people talk of stellar destinations to explore, Kazakhstan does not come up nearly as much as it should. Kazakhstan is settled on the windy steppes and is the ninth largest country in the world. With a combination of vibrant cities with modern amenities but also heaps of history imbued in each district, awe-inspiring, snow-capped mountains, shorelines along the Capsian sea, trekking, waterfalls, sacred sites, bronze age petroglyphs, and rich culture, there is something for everyone in Kazakhstan. The following will highlight just a few of the dreamy experiences you might want to have if you’re traveling in Kazakhstan.


Getting to Kazakhstan can be a slightly tricky process simply because the number of flights is far less than you might be used to if you commonly deal with major airports like London, New York, Tokyo, and New Dehli. Travel gurus at point out that it might be worthwhile to look into private jet options. Not only are they less expensive than you might have expected, but they can add a level of luxury to your trip that can make it a lifelong memory. Private jets also give you the flexibility you might want to travel at the times that are convenient for you.

Hiking And Trekking

The amount of stunning hikes in Kazakhstan is almost unfair. Consider trekking around Big Almaty Lake, the geologic formations at Rock Zhumbaktas, Koksheau Mountain, and Burabay National Park. Blue mountains that stretch into the clouds and rolling green hills are just the beginning. You’ve probably never experienced such wide-open space in your life, and many people find the sight invigorating. The air in Kazakhstan is unbelievably fresh, meaning you’ll probably be left feeling settled and calm. But be ready; it gets mighty windy, especially at higher altitudes.

Train Rides

There’s nothing quite like coasting through beautiful landscapes while staring out the window of a gently rocking train. This sort of travel allows you to take in the wonder of the landscape without needing to focus on what you’re doing or where you’re heading. For many people, the train isn’t just a way to get from point A to point B in Kazakhstan; it’s an experience worth having in and of itself. Given that many local people travel great distances as part of their everyday lives, the train systems are extremely well managed, and multi-day train journeys are available all over the Kazakh steppe. Wagon cafes allow you to meet other travelers while you explore the historical and vibrant Silk Road. Some people spend a huge portion of their trip on the train in Kazakhstan.

Horseback Excursions

Given Kazakhstan’s colorful history involving nomadic or horse-centered populations, you can be that taking a tour on horseback is something you don’t want to miss. There’s nothing quite like the freedom of grand, open space while on horseback. You can feel a striking sense of connection with the land and the air and the history of the region, and go at whatever pace suits you. There are multi-day tours available if you want to really commit to the feeling of nomadism, and shorter tours for those who aren’t experienced with horseback riding. If this is something you really want to do, keep in mind the time of year you travel at. Kazakhstan can have frigid winters and hot summers, so you might want to aim for pleasant, early autumn to help ensure that you can handle the temperature for a several-day horse trek. If you’re going out for several days, be sure to look up the weather and pack lots of light layers.

Parasailing And Paragliding

The rugged, wild terrain of Kazakhstan makes the perfect setting for parasailing or paragliding. Tours are available that can help you experience the majesty of this feral landscape from the air. You might even want to get yourself a camera attachment that can help you record what you see as you float through the steppes.

Photo by Charlotte Venema on Unsplash

River Rafting And Tubing

Another breathtaking way to experience Kazakhstan is to take to the rivers. River rafting is available for the adventurous folk, and tubing is available for those who want a slightly calmer excursion.

4WD, ATV, And Off-Roading

Given the sheer size of Kazakhstan, there is an endless amount to discover off the beaten path. ATV rentals can allow you to wander through the steppe and stumble upon all sorts of wonderful landscapes and cultural sites. You might find that one day is simply not enough.

Helicopter Tours

Not everywhere in Kazakhstan is easily accessible by land. Given the mountains, valleys, and canyons that are available to be seen from the sky, however, you might want to look into helicopter tours.

Of course, the above list doesn’t include all there is to do in Kazakhstan. The cities are filled with museums, restaurants, art activities, bazaars, religious sites, and historical walks. The wilderness boasts fishing, serene relaxation, and the freshest of air.

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