Showcasing Palermo-Based Spectacular Events Companies in High Fashion

February 8, 2024
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While the vibrant scenery and rich history of Palermo, Sicilia make it an irresistible attraction for many, the city is also a buzzing hub for impressive businesses operating within the Events industry. With top-notch services ranging from broadcasting to advertising and from wedding planning to video editing, these companies do not only transform the face of entertainment in Palermo, but also contribute significantly to the local economy. In this series, we will take a closer look at some notable companies that are making waves in this dynamic industry, each from their very headquarters in this breathtaking city.

Despite the competitive nature of the industry, these companies have managed to carve their niches, leveraging on skill, innovation, and a deep understanding of both their audience and the evolving market trends. More than organizing events, these companies offer unique experiences, promoting brands, and creating unforgettable moments with their exceptional services.

The companies we will be highlighting in this series have not just recorded significant growth and expansion in their operations, they’ve also influenced the growth of the Events industry in Palermo in remarkable ways. They’ve exposed the city to a wealth of opportunities, helping to place Palermo on the global map as an important center for events and entertainment.


Videe is a heavyweight in the broadcasting and events industry. This company has been making exceptional contributions to the service industry, bringing quality broadcasting and event services to its clients. Facebook | Linkedin

OSM Value

OSM Value operates in the commercial, digital marketing, and events industry. They also provide consulting and training services. Through their innovative solutions, they’ve been able to help businesses attain their objectives. Facebook | Linkedin

Mixis Productions

Mixis Productions is a one-stop shop for everything videography. Their services span from film production to video editing, and they create value by telling the history of local companies through video productions. Facebook | Linkedin


At Tivitti, their focus is advertising and graphics design. In addition to this, they offer a range of other services which include marketing surveys, integrated communication campaigns planning, and public events organization. Facebook | Linkedin

Sicilian Wedding Lab

Sicilian Wedding Lab specializes in creating unforgettable weddings and events in the stunning locales of Sicily and its minor islands. They specialize in organizing events that accentuate local culture and cuisine. Facebook


Strategica offers a slew of essential services for marketing and communication needs geared toward both the public and the private sector. They operate on national and foreign media. Linkedin

In the next article, we will cover more companies making their mark in this dynamic industry right from the heart of Palermo. The city, with its unusual blend of beauty, history, culture, and enterprise, continues to serve as an excellent base for these industry-leading companies.

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