Showcasing Henderson’s Premier Cosmetic Surgery Innovators: Luxury Redefined

February 7, 2024
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In the heart of Nevada, Henderson, also known as the “Emerald City”, is a city renowned for its thriving Cosmetic Surgery industry. Henderson being strategically positioned next to Las Vegas, benefits greatly from the thriving entertainment industry, fashionable lifestyle and the constant demand for beauty enhancement services. This series of articles seeks to shine a spotlight on the companies that operate in this high-end industry, right from this bustling city. Each article will unearth the unique features and contributions of each company in reshaping beauty in Henderson, unprecedented.

In each of the featured entities, we take a deep dive into the origin, founders, and the wide array of services they offer. Notably, these companies have earned themselves a name beyond the city of Henderson, as their services are sought after from far and wide. From Parkway Surgery Center’s premium healthcare services to the VIP Plastic Surgery’s wide array of body contouring surgeries, this article reveals it all.

We’ve traversed the heart of Henderson, so we invite you to come on this journey with us to get to know these companies, to understand the blood, sweat, and tears poured into each establishment, and to appreciate the art they create every day.

Parkway Surgery Center

Located in Henderson, Nevada, Parkway Surgery Center is well-known in the industry of Cosmetic Surgery, Dental, Health Care, and Medical. Despite the founders yet to be identified, the Center’s reputation remains undeniable. To stay up to date with Parkway Surgery Center, follow them on @ParkwaySurgery, Facebook and LinkedIn.

VIP Plastic Surgery

Founded by renowned surgeon, Dr. Christopher Khorsandi MD, VIP Plastic Surgery provides dermatology services chiefly Cosmetic Surgery, Health Care, Hospital, and Personal Health. You can reach them via their socials: @vipsurgeons, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Platinum Plastic Surgery

Platinum Plastic Surgery, located in Henderson, Nevada, offers a range of nose reshaping surgeries, body surgeries, and facial treatments. Connect with them on @drchriscosta and Facebook.

Galleria Dental

Providing comprehensive dental services, Galleria Dental is a one-stop-shop for all dental needs. They can be found on Facebook.

Dental Excellence

Established by Brett Noorda, Dental Excellence is a premier dental hospital in Henderson. They can be contacted via their social media platforms: @DMDExcellence, Facebook and Augusta Dental

Augusta Dental, based in Henderson, is renowned for its broad range of general and cosmetic dental services. Follow their work on Facebook.

Hankins & Sohn Plastic Surgery Associates

Based in Henderson, Hankins & Sohn Plastic Surgery Associates are specialists in Cosmetic Surgery, Health Care,and Wellness. To learn more, connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

J. Woodson Dermatology & Associates

Offering microdermabrasion, microneedling, and various extraction services, J. Woodson Dermatology & Associates have made a name for themselves in Henderson. To access their services, visit their Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

Densley Dental

Densley Dental provides a range of dental services, including treatment for dental emergencies, sleep apnea, and more. For more information, follow them on: @drdensley, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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