Showcasing Bridgeport’s Premier Event Industry Leaders: A Levi Keswick Exclusive

February 8, 2024
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Bridgeport, Connecticut is home to a rich and varied events industry, offering everything from high-tech programming education, to dynamic interactive art experiences, educational outreach and much more. This thriving sector is at the heart of the city's character, bringing together innovation and culture, business and pleasure, all against the backdrop of Bridgeport's history and heritage. In this piece, we will explore some of the exciting companies that play a key role in Bridgeport's bustling events scene.

The city's reputation as a hub for educational initiatives is firmly rooted with organizations like the Fairfield Programming Association, whose dedication towards nurturing young talents is nothing short of commendable. Based at the Greens Farms Academy in Westport, the association harbors an unwavering goal to impart programming skills to high-school and college students who would otherwise not have access. Their offices are elegantly set in a mansion, courtesy of the Vanderbilt family, a treasured relic that thrums with the echoes of history even as it bustles with the chatter of modern technology.

Art and creativity also have a home in Bridgeport, thriving in pockets of the city like the Art of Everyone, an event management company that unlocks the joy of self-expression. Through interactive painting sessions steered by an Artist Conductor, the company invites audience members to dive headfirst into the freedom of unfiltered creation. These sessions require no technical skills or special talents, promising an open and welcoming space for everyone to explore their unique artistic voice.

Fairfield Programming Association

The Fairfield Programming Association, with founders Neil Chaudhari and William McGonagle, is a 501(c)(3) organization in Bridgeport dedicated to fostering educational programs for aspiring programmers in high schools and colleges. Its one-of-a-kind location at Greens Farms Academy in Westport, a campus donated by the Vanderbilt family, seamlessly blends historic charm with modern advances in technology education.

Art of Everyone, LLC

With Brad Noble, James Chantler Brown and Shawn Olsen at its helm, Art of Everyone is a quintessential platform for creative expression in Bridgeport. This unique company champions the importance of creativity through immersive live painting experiences, guided by an Artist Conductor, which encourages participants to navigate the waters of self-expression and discover their innate artistic potential.

Horizons at Greens Farms Academy

Horizons at Greens Farms Academy is an integral part of Bridgeport's education and events industry, providing underprivileged students with academic opportunities and a strong foundation in social-emotional learning. This non-profit initiative also aims to enhance exposure to a variety of cultural, social, and recreational enrichment experiences.

Webster Bank Arena

An epicenter of entertainment in Bridgeport, the Webster Bank Arena offers a plethora of events, from high-profile concerts to thrilling sports matches. The Arena showcases a fusion of Bridgeport's media, entertainment, sports, and ticketing industries.


Pioneering a peer-to-peer marketplace in the event management industry, Bridgeport-based Wedzig offers a centralized platform to plan your dream wedding. It simplifies the event planning process by providing a comprehensive range of wedding-related products and services, complete with customer reviews and smart filters, thus allowing couples to plan their special day with ease and convenience.

Fitzgerald’s Fine Catering

Specializing in a wide variety of events, Fitzgerald's Fine Catering in Bridgeport offers personalized menus designed to make each event stand out. From corporate outings to private parties and weddings, Fitzgerald’s caters to every occasion with exquisite culinary creations, ensuring each event is memorable.

Shoreline Star Greyhound Park - Assets

Shoreline Star Greyhound Park - Assets is a versatile convention center located in Bridgeport, playing host to a plethora of events that showcase the dynamism and diversity of this city's vibrant event industry.

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