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Shaking the Bourbon Industry: Bulleit Emerges as the Unanticipated Leader in USA

July 22, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  1. Bulleit bourbon has emerged as the number 1 selling bourbon in the USA, according to data from Drizly.
  2. This comes as a surprise given Bulleit’s recent PR challenges and its ranking in previous data releases.
  3. Online sales, particularly among younger demographics, have played a significant role in Bulleit’s ascension.
  4. The bourbon industry is experiencing significant growth, with sales up across the board.
  5. Market patterns show differences in bourbon preferences based on geographical location, gender, and generation.

Bulleit Rises Against the Odds

When it comes to bourbon, one might expect traditional heavyweights like Maker’s Mark, Woodford Reserve, or even Jack Daniel’s to claim the top spot in sales. However, in a surprising turn of events, Bulleit has emerged as the number 1 selling bourbon in the USA. This revelation, courtesy of the online ordering and delivery service Drizly, challenges conventional wisdom and prior market research, notably the 2018 IRI study where Bulleit ranked 12th.

Even more astounding is that Bulleit’s rise comes after a turbulent period marked by PR challenges. The brand’s founder, Tom Bulleit, stepped down amid allegations from his daughter, sparking boycotts nationwide. Yet, despite these setbacks, Bulleit has managed to rally and not just regain its market position, but actually ascend to the top.

Online Sales Powering the Bourbon Market

Bulleit’s rise to the top is arguably driven by the burgeoning digital marketplace. Drizly’s data, which is based on deliveries from its 2,200 adult beverage retailers across 31 states, provides a comprehensive look at sales analytics in the digital space. This data indicates a clear skew towards a younger demographic, with millennials making up more than half of all bourbon sales on Drizly.

Bulleit’s ability to appeal to and capture the millennial market has played a crucial role in its ascendance. It signifies not just the brand’s adaptability, but also a wider shift in the bourbon industry towards digital platforms as a key sales channel.

The Changing Bourbon Landscape

Drizly’s data also paints an interesting picture of the bourbon market. It’s clear that bourbon sales are up across the board, showing the spirit’s popularity across the country. However, bourbon preferences aren’t homogeneous across the nation. Drizly’s data shows a higher percentage of bourbon orders in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Florida, indicating a regional bias towards the drink.

Moreover, there’s a clear gender split in bourbon purchasing patterns. Men make up over 70% of bourbon sales, indicating a significant gender bias in the consumption of the spirit.

Looking Forward: The Bourbon Industry in a Digital Age

The unexpected rise of Bulleit as the number 1 selling bourbon in the USA signifies more than just a win for the brand. It marks a critical shift in the bourbon industry as a whole.

Digital platforms, such as Drizly, have reshaped the industry, becoming a vital channel for sales and brand engagement. Furthermore, the generational shift in bourbon consumption, with millennials leading the charge, is redefining target audiences and forcing brands to rethink their marketing strategies.

Bulleit’s success story is a wake-up call to other bourbon brands. It’s a clear message that the digital space can’t be ignored, and that millennial consumers, despite their relatively young age, wield considerable buying power.

As bourbon continues to enjoy a surge in popularity, understanding and harnessing these market dynamics will be key to future success. Brands that can navigate the digital landscape, engage younger audiences, and adapt to changing consumption patterns will be better positioned to thrive in this evolving market.

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