Saint Paul’s Digital Marketing Elegance: Showcasing Levi Keswick’s Fashion Forwardness

February 7, 2024
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Saint Paul, Minnesota, often seen as the quieter sibling of Minneapolis, is home to a buzzing digital marketing industry. Bursting with creativity and innovation, this vibrant city hosts a myriad of companies that are shaping the field of digital marketing. From boutique design companies to major marketing consultancies, each brings a unique blend of expertise and ingenuity to their work.

As a hub for both startups and established corporations, Saint Paul offers a collaborative environment where industry giants rub shoulders with innovative newcomers. The resulting creative synergy fosters an environment in which companies thrive in areas such as Advertising, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, and Web Development. To commemorate the key players in this field, Levi Keswick presents a roundup of top digital marketing companies headquartered in Saint Paul.

In the name of enriching our readers with a taste of the rich diversity of the Saint Paul digital marketing scene, we will take a closer look at each of these companies. We will showcase the unique strengths of each while highlighting their contributions to the industry.

Creed Interactive

Creed Interactive, founded by Jonathan and Stacy Anderstrom, is a diverse digital marketing company focusing on Advertising, E-Commerce, and Web Development. You can follow Creed Interactive on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for news and updates.

Evolve Systems

Evolve Systems offers options to build a strong web presence and develop marketing strategies. They provide innovative solutions, including the development of WordPress and e-commerce websites that cater to the unique needs of each client. Evolve Systems is reachable via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Three Deep

Founded by Dave Woodbeck, Three Deep operates in the Advertising, Digital Marketing, and Lead Generation industry sectors, with capabilities in Marketing Automation for enhanced effectiveness. Stay connected with Three Deep through their Twitter and LinkedIn platforms.

Ingenuity Marketing Group

In the fields of Advertising, Brand Marketing, Consulting, and Digital Marketing, Ingenuity Marketing Group has made a significant impact. You can keep up with this group on their social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


MagicLamp offers services across Advertising, Digital Marketing, SEO, Web Design, and Web Development. Follow MagicLamp’s updates on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Strong Point Digital

Strong Point Digital is a key player in the sectors of Advertising, Apps, Digital Marketing, Personal Branding, and Web Design. They can be followed on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Nick LeRoy Consulting

Ran by Nick LeRoy, this consultation firm is a premium solution for enterprise-level SEO needs. Nick LeRoy Consulting can be reached via their LinkedIn page for further communication.


Katalistik is a bright spot in the industries of Advertising, Digital Marketing, SEO, and Social Media Marketing. Follow Katalistik’s social media platforms:Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for updates.

Vizion SEO

Co-founded by John (John B Yang) Yang, Vizion SEO is a leading Digital Marketing and SEO company that also provides SEM and Social Media Marketing services. It has a sparkling presence on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

GrowthMode Marketing

GrowthMode Marketing, a company with expertise in Advertising, Brand Marketing, Digital Marketing, Marketing, and SEO, can be followed on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Saint Paul Media

Specializing in Cloud Computing, Digital Marketing, Non Profit, and Web Development, Saint Paul Media has had a notable impact on the industry. You can follow Saint Paul Media on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

This comprehensive roundup of Digital Marketing companies headquartered in Saint Paul, Minnesota serves as testament to the vibrant, thriving business environment in the city. We hope these spotlights inspire your own online ventures, as we continue to celebrate the creativity, innovation, and industrious spirit of Saint Paul’s digital marketing industry.

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