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Revolution in Electric Biking: Lightning LS-218’s Cutting-edge, Quick-Charge Technology

June 27, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  • Lightning Motorcycles has introduced fast-charging battery packs for its new models, the LS-218 superbike and Strike sports bike.
  • The LS-218 superbike and Strike can be charged to 80% capacity within 10 minutes, substantially reducing charging time compared to other electric bikes.
  • These new models will use Enevate’s high-density silicon-anode batteries, a first for electric vehicles.
  • These bikes offer a boosted range of “150 to 170 miles at 70 miles an hour,” demonstrating impressive efficiency.
  • A “used Lightning LS-218 for sale” could present a desirable purchase option, given the enhanced features and high-end technology.
  • The addition of Enevate battery packs is expected to increase the price of each motorcycle by about $8,000.

Lightning LS-218 and Strike: Trailblazers in Electric Motorcycling

California-based Lightning Motorcycles has announced the upcoming release of its new models: the LS-218 superbike and the Strike sports bike. Distinguishing these bikes from their peers is the integration of Enevate’s high-density silicon-anode batteries, marking a significant technological advancement within the electric motorcycle industry.

These innovative batteries, offering incredibly fast charging times, are projected to alleviate some of the range anxiety commonly associated with electric motorcycles, positioning Lightning’s new models at the forefront of electric biking evolution.

Shattering Charging Time Expectations with Silicon-Anode Batteries

In a breakthrough move, Lightning Motorcycles will equip the LS-218 and Strike models with Enevate’s fast-charging, silicon-anode battery packs. The use of this advanced technology enables these bikes to be recharged in a mere third of the time it takes to charge other electric motorcycles. The prospect of a significantly reduced charging time, coupled with the bike’s impressive performance, makes the used Lightning LS-218 for sale an attractive option for enthusiasts and eco-conscious riders alike.

Boosting Range Capabilities: A Game-Changer in Electric Biking

Lightning Motorcycles, in conjunction with Enevate’s powerful batteries, has managed to extend the range capacity of its bikes remarkably. During testing on California’s Interstate 5, the company recorded a range of “150 to 170 miles at 70 miles an hour,” showcasing the bikes’ extraordinary efficiency.

Perhaps even more notable is that the battery can be charged to 80% capacity (equating to roughly 135 miles of range) in just 10 minutes. This figure significantly undercuts the half-hour required to achieve the same result with other electric motorcycles, further cementing Lightning Motorcycles’ pioneering role in the electric biking industry.

Fulfilling Quick-Charging Potential: The Necessity of a Level 3 Charger

While the Enevate battery packs present a groundbreaking advancement in electric biking, riders must have access to a Level 3 charger to unlock their fast-charging capability. This caveat underlines the fact that infrastructure must catch up with the pace of technology to fully realize the benefits of these innovations.

Securing Your Lightning Motorcycle: Pricing and Reservation Details

The addition of Enevate battery packs is expected to increase the price of the LS-218 and Strike models by around $8,000. As such, prospective buyers can expect the LS-218 to cost around $46,000, with the Strike priced at about $28,000.

Despite the additional cost, the benefits of reduced charging time and increased range significantly enhance the value proposition of these motorcycles. Furthermore, the market for used Lightning LS-218 for sale could offer an affordable entry point for prospective buyers eager to embrace this exciting chapter of electric biking.


Lightning Motorcycles is shaping the future of electric biking with its new models, the LS-218 and Strike. Their cutting-edge, quick-charge technology, combined with an impressive range capability, heralds a new era for electric motorcycles. While the price point may be higher due to the advanced Enevate battery packs, the benefits they bring are undeniably transformative. The emergence of a used Lightning LS-218 for sale market could provide potential riders an accessible pathway to experience this ground-breaking technology.

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