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Replace your Home Cleaning Products with these High Quality Luxury Alternatives

June 27, 2020
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You won’t regret investing in these high quality cleaning products that will make cleaning your home a walk in the park. Check out the range of products we love below.

Dyson V6 Mattress Handheld Vacuum

This product was recommended by Mason Culligan from Mattress Battle

Without you even noticing, your mattress can be a home to germs and allergens. Dust mites and dust mites feces can also be embedded on your beds without you knowing. Dyson V6 uses a strong vacuum suction with a HEPA filter system to efficiently get rid of dirt, mites, allergens, dead skin cells, and other particles embedded on your mattresses. This strong vacuum can also be for different uses such as cleaning the insides of your car. With Dyson V6 Mattress Handheld Vacuum, you’ll be guaranteed premium cleaning results every time. It has a crevice tool, stiff bristle, wide nozzle, among others, to ensure every nooks and cranny are clean.

LG Cordzero A9 Ultimate

This product was recommended by Jayant from The Tech Toys

LG Cordzero A9 is a beautiful looking Vaccum cleaner from LG that is made for luxuries home. The Vaccum Cleaner works on rechargeable batteries, so no more bothering cables. On a full charge, it will clean your home for 80 minutes. There are one-touch controls on the vacuum that you can use to adjust according to your need. You can also convert it into a hand vacuum for congested places or for cleaning your car. Adjustable wand length makes this vacuum cleaner easy to use by anyone in your home. Apart from all that, Cordzero is less noisy than those traditional vacuum cleaner that uses long and irritating cables.

Sweater Stone

This product was recommended by Ali Rizvi from Dream Superhero

Sweater Stone removes pills and restores clothing to an almost-new state.

Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Pure-Castile Liquid Soap

This product was recommended by Linda Morgan from MotivationNook

This soap is good for cleaning dishes, food, and the floor, as well as your face, hair, and body. It’s concentrated, biodegradable, versatile and effective. It’s also made with organic and certified fair trade ingredients. Plus, it comes in a recycled bottle! This cleaning product contains no synthetic preservatives, detergents, or foaming agents.

Portable Household Ultrasonic Cleaner

This product was recommended by Karl Armstrong from EpicWin App

The home cleaning product that I recommend is the Portable Household Ultrasonic Cleaner. This product, available in Amazon, is compact yet highly flexible. The Portable Household Ultrasonic Cleaner can clean a wide range of items in your house without taking up too much space. It works well with clothes, tools, dishes, and even perishable goods. Additionally, this is an eco-friendly cleaning tool which means you will consume less energy and less water without compromising cleanliness. With its microscopic level of cleaning and ultrasonic technology, you are not just cleaning but also sanitizing your household items. Portable Household Ultrasonic Cleaner is a safer, most efficient solution for your daily needs.

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