Reasons Why More Men Should Wear Bow Ties

Reasons Why More Men Should Wear Bow Ties

June 14, 2023
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Are you looking for ways to mix up your style and add more personality to your wardrobe? A bow tie might be the perfect solution. Some men shy away from adding a bow tie to their tie collection, thinking it’s too silly or bold for their usual tastes.

Don’t let this misconception hold you back, though. Bow ties are a timeless fashion statement that work for all kinds of occasions. Whether you’re adding some flair to a party outfit or trying to make a strong first impression with someone, the right bow tie can bring your entire look to the next level. Check out these reasons why more men should wear bow ties and see why this stylish accessory deserves a spot in your wardrobe.

Bow Ties Are More Versatile Than You Think

Many people think that one of the biggest differences between neckties and bow ties is their level of formality. Traditionally speaking, neckties are the more serious accessory, while bow ties present a more whimsical option.

This is a good rule of thumb, but like all things in the fashion world, it isn’t set in stone. Bow ties can be just as versatile as neckties. A black bow tie with a black suit creates a sharp and professional look, while fun and colorful bow ties are perfect for lighthearted affairs like parties and weddings. The right bow tie can make you look playful or serious, traditional or modern, or classy or innovative. When you have an open mind and the right accessories, there are no limits to what you can pull off.

You Will Stand Out in a Crowd

Bow ties break away from the norm while still achieving a classy, formal look. In more casual settings like weddings or dinner parties, a bow tie with bold colors or patterns is sure to turn heads. Even a neutral-colored bow tie makes a statement simply because it’s different than the typical necktie. As a result, bow ties are a great way to let your personality shine and leave a lasting impression wherever you go.

Bow Ties Are a Convenient Option for Your Busy Day

Neckties are a great accessory for your dressy look, but they can be a hassle. Figuring out the right width and length, making sure it sits right, and dealing with your tie getting caught in a door, dipping into your coffee cup, or flapping in the wind can be a headache.

Style doesn’t have to be stressful, though. One of the top reasons why more men should wear bow ties is because they’re a more convenient option than neckties. Bow ties sit right at the collar of your shirt, so you don’t have to worry about them, no matter where you go or what you do. You can even buy a pre-tied bow tie to avoid the stress of tying the perfect knot and rest easy knowing you’ll look sharp and put together wherever you go throughout the day.

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