Must-Have Boating Accessories for a Safe, Fun Summer

Must-Have Boating Accessories for a Safe, Fun Summer

May 8, 2023
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It’s hard to resist getting out on the water as soon as the sun and warmth return. But don’t leave the dock without some of these must-have boating accessories for a safe, fun summer.

Safety Gear

Safety should always come first when preparing for a summer boating adventure. Carry life jackets for all passengers; getting stopped by the Coast Guard without them on board will not be a pleasant experience.

A fully-stocked first aid kit is also a must. Preferably, get a waterproof and floating kit with supplies to handle injuries, including minor cuts or burns. Make sure you have a reliable GPS on board, as well as a functioning radio communication system in case something unexpected happens and you need to call for help.

Lastly, don’t forget sunscreen to thwart harmful UV rays. Opt for a water-resistant and broad-spectrum SPF, and reapply as necessary according to the product instructions.

Fishing Gear

For the luxury-loving angler, premium fishing gear is a must-have. A high-quality rod and reel combo, along with a well-organized tackle box, can enhance your overall fishing experience. Waterproof fish finders help pinpoint the perfect fishing spots, even in unfamiliar waters.

Dry Box or Bag

Keeping your valuables, especially electronics like smartphones, safe from water splashes is essential. Utilize a waterproof dry box or a dry bag to ensure your belongings stay safe and dry. These come in various sizes, designs, and durability ratings, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Bluetooth Speakers, Cooler, and Boat Grill

An unforgettable summer boating experience involves good food, cold beverages, and great music. Invest in high-quality, waterproof Bluetooth speakers for your favorite tunes. Keep your food and drinks chilled in a well-insulated marine cooler, and complete your floating party with a portable boat grill that hangs safely off the side of your vessel to prepare classic outdoor summer foods like burgers, hot dogs, and steaks.

Electric Dolly, Boat Fenders, and Bungee Dock Line

If you transport your boat from storage to the marina yourself, you need an electric boat dolly to easily get your boat trailer in and out of tight spaces. These dollies take the angst out of backing your trailer up or pulling it out of a narrow dry dock.

Once your boat is in the slip at your marina, protect it from scratches and dings with new boat fenders. Keep it from drifting with new bungee dock lines when docking or rafting up with other boats.

Investing in high-quality, must-have boating accessories can significantly enhance your summer on the water while ensuring the safety of everyone onboard. When purchasing equipment, consider factors such as usability, durability, and warranty. Regularly maintain your gear and attend training courses, if necessary, to improve your proficiency in boating tasks. With these must-have accessories on board, you’re set for a fun and safe summer filled with unforgettable memories.

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