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Luca Faloni Cashmere: A Confluence of Comfort, Elegance, and Durability

August 20, 2023
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Key takeaways:

  • Luca Faloni cashmere sweaters provide a unique blend of comfort, style, and resilience, raising the bar for luxury knitwear.
  • The Italian brand’s pure cashmere cable knit is particularly noted for its softness, lightness, and ability to maintain its shape over time.
  • Despite its fineness, Luca Faloni’s cashmere holds up well to wear, showing fewer signs of wear compared to other sweaters in the same price range.

Luxuriating in Luca Faloni Cashmere

While Shetland sweaters might be a quintessential staple in the New England wardrobe for the colder months, the allure of an even softer alternative is hard to resist. And when it comes to exceptional cashmere, few brands rise to the occasion as well as Italian brand Luca Faloni.

Their pure cashmere cable knit in ivory has garnered attention for its softness, making it a luxurious and comfortable addition to any winter attire. But what makes the Luca Faloni cashmere stand out from the crowd?

Sourced from the Renowned Cariaggi Mill

One of the primary attractions of the Luca Faloni cashmere sweater is its origin. Crafted with two-ply cashmere from Italy’s esteemed Cariaggi mill, it brings a level of authenticity and quality that discerning consumers crave. This fact alone suggests a level of excellence and attention to detail that differentiates Luca Faloni from many other brands.

Conquering Cashmere Trust Issues

Past experiences with less reliable brands may have left some with “trust issues” when it comes to cashmere. Many discounted cashmere crewnecks, which might initially seem luxurious, often start pilling or lose their shape before the season’s end.

But the experience with Luca Faloni’s cashmere sweaters is strikingly different. These sweaters are substantial yet airy, calling to mind the loftiness of fresh meringue. Despite their lightness and fineness, they maintain a firm and reassuring presence that instills confidence in their durability.

Striking a Perfect Fit

When choosing a Luca Faloni cashmere sweater, a common practice is to select a size that aligns with your jacket size. This results in a fit that is snug where it matters most, like the banded bottom and armholes, but with ample room in the chest and waist to ensure a relaxed look and feel.

The generous sleeve length allows for a rollback cuff, a key detail often missing from modern makes. The hem falls comfortably below the hips, adding a level of utility and versatility to the garment. It’s this unique design that allows the sweater to be comfortably tucked into tailored trousers—a look that is as stylish as it is comfortable.

A Heavenly Texture

Perhaps one of the most delightful aspects of Luca Faloni cashmere sweaters is their cloud-like texture. It is so soft and gentle on the skin that you may even find yourself wearing it with no shirt underneath—an act unthinkable with many other sweaters.

On particularly chilly days, the sweater serves as a perfect companion to a flannel robe, providing an extra layer of warmth and comfort that can be most appreciated on those frosty mornings.

Test of Time

While the true resilience of a cashmere sweater can only be fully assessed over an entire season of wear, initial experiences with Luca Faloni cashmere have been promising. Even after a few months of use, these sweaters display fewer signs of wear compared to others in the same price range, standing as a testament to their durability.


Luca Faloni cashmere sweaters represent a harmonious blend of comfort, elegance, and longevity. Their exceptional quality, refined fit, and remarkable softness make them a worthy addition to any wardrobe. So whether you’re bundling up for a New England winter or simply appreciate the finest things in life, a Luca Faloni cashmere sweater could very well be your new best friend.

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