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Lobos 1707 Tequila Review: LeBron James’ Investment in Mexican-Spanish Fusion

July 8, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  • Lobos 1707 Tequila is a brand that combines Mexican and Spanish traditions, and features an investment from LeBron James and his business partner Maverick Carter.
  • The tequilas from Lobos 1707 are distilled and produced at Compañia Tequilera de Arandas, S.A. de C.V., known for their quality tequila production.
  • The brand offers three tequilas: Joven, Reposado, and Extra Añejo, along with an “Artesanal” Mezcal.
  • Lobos 1707 Tequila stands out due to its unique finishing process in Pedro Ximenez (PX) wine barrels from Spain, inspired by the historical influence of Spanish oak barrels on Mexican liquor.
  • The Joven tequila showcases bright agave notes with a hint of pepper and a buttery finish.
  • The Reposado tequila offers caramel and vanilla notes from resting in American white oak barrels, with a sweet and memorable finish.
  • Ideal cocktail pairings for Lobos 1707 tequilas are still being discovered, but the Reposado is suited for whiskey-inspired drinks or enhancing vanilla flavors, while the Joven can bring new texture to classic tequila cocktails.


Lobos 1707 Tequila has gained attention not only for its exceptional quality but also for its association with NBA legend LeBron James. Led by Founder and Chief Creative Officer Diego Osorio and Chief Executive Officer Dia Simms, the brand has garnered investments from LeBron James, Maverick Carter, Anthony Davis, Draymond Green, and Rich Paul. This review explores the flavors and characteristics of Lobos 1707 Tequila and its unique fusion of Mexican and Spanish traditions.

The Distinctive Blend of Cultures

The name “Lobos 1707” is derived from the Spanish word for “wolves,” symbolizing strength and unity. The brand beautifully combines elements of Spanish and Mexican culture, which is evident not only in the tequila itself but also in the bottle design, featuring the Osorio Family Coat of Arms and the Agave Wind Rose Compass.

Flavorful Tequilas Finished in Pedro Ximenez Barrels

Lobos 1707 offers three tequilas, namely Joven, Reposado, and Extra Añejo. What sets them apart is their finishing process in Pedro Ximenez (PX) wine barrels from Spain. This finishing technique, inspired by the historical influence of Spanish oak barrels on Mexican liquor, adds a distinct touch to the tequilas.

Lobos 1707 Tequila, Joven

The Joven tequila from Lobos 1707 is carbon-filtered and finished in Pedro Ximenez wine barrels using the solera system method. On the nose, bright floral and grassy agave notes dominate, accompanied by a hint of pepper on the palate. The finish is smooth and almost buttery, offering a rich and nuanced experience. While the brand suggests balsamic tones, individual preferences may vary. This Joven tequila provides a unique twist on traditional blanco tequilas, showcasing a slightly richer profile.

Lobos 1707 Tequila, Reposado

Resting for over six months in American white oak barrels, the Reposado tequila is then blended with a touch of Lobos 1707 Tequila Extra Añejo. It is further finished in Pedro Ximenez wine barrels using the solera system method. The oak barrels impart caramel and vanilla notes, which are evident both on the nose and the palate. The finish brings to mind the indulgent sweetness of crème brûlée. The Reposado tequila is a delightful choice for those seeking a smooth and memorable sipping experience.

Ideal Cocktail Pairings

While the perfect cocktails for Lobos 1707 tequilas are still being discovered, there are initial suggestions provided by the brand. The Reposado tequila can complement whiskey-inspired drinks or enhance vanilla flavors in cocktails. It may also serve as an intriguing addition to a batanga, infusing it with a hint of vanilla. On the other hand, the Joven tequila can bring new texture and complexity to classic tequila cocktails, allowing mixologists to explore creative combinations.

LeBron James’ Personal Testimony

LeBron James himself tried Lobos 1707 Tequila while on a Mediterranean vacation and later confirmed its quality by sampling it again in Akron, Ohio. His endorsement speaks to the brand’s commitment to excellence and flavor.

Availability and Charitable Contributions

Lobos 1707 Tequila and Mezcal are currently available at select retailers and restaurants in NYC, Florida, and California. They can also be purchased online at ReserveBar. A portion of the proceeds from Lobos 1707 Tequila sales goes toward supporting wolf sanctuaries in Mexico and the United States.

In Conclusion

Lobos 1707 Tequila stands out not only due to its association with LeBron James but also for its commitment to crafting exceptional tequilas that blend Mexican and Spanish influences. The finishing process in Pedro Ximenez wine barrels adds a unique touch to the flavor profiles, elevating them beyond the average celebrity-backed tequila. Whether enjoyed neat or mixed into cocktails, Lobos 1707 Tequila offers a delightful taste experience worth exploring.

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