Keeping Your Luxury Car Safe in a New Town

Keeping Your Luxury Car Safe in a New Town

May 25, 2021
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You bought your vehicle with the express desire to show you’ve made it and to turn heads on the road. But part of the problem with an attention-drawing car is that it automatically becomes a target. You may have taken steps where you live by keeping your vehicle in a secured garage or another place. But what do you do when you’re on the road and far from home? Here are several tips for keeping your luxury car safe in a new town.

Plan Ahead

Before you visit a new town, visit travel blogs and review sites to get a feel for the local streets and anything previous visitors have to say about personal and vehicular safety and road conditions. They’ll let you know the safest spots to leave your car, as well as any local parking and driving regulations that can result in a ticket or a tow. Your best bet is to find a hotel or local parking lot with secure, off-street parking and 24-hour security. Even then, look for hotel reviews addressing break-ins and car thefts.

Once You Get There

Plan to make your car less of a target. If you don’t already have a car alarm or a stolen vehicle recovery system, purchase it sooner than later. Otherwise, leave nothing in the car to tempt potential thieves when you park the car anywhere. That doesn’t just mean removing items and valuables like wallets, purses, smartphones, music players, cameras, and the like; it means to leave nothing in the car—luggage, coats and jackets, and other things that could cover valuables, that suggest the probability of a quick score. A clean car is less interesting to robbers.

Become a Parking Expert

Away from the hotel? Learn how to read the area you’re visiting. Some places may mark higher-crime areas with signage, but really, don’t expect any place to be safe. Even the nicest parts of town have areas favored by thieves because they’re isolated, and they’re out of sight of cameras, law enforcement, and most importantly, concerned citizens. Park where there are plenty of eyes and passersby. It’s easy to tell when a car is being broken into, and the odds someone will call it out or call it in increase. Stay in naturally well-lit areas and in parking lots park closer to the attendant booth—park with your trunk out as well. Backing into a space provides cover for a break-in.

You Leave, the Car Stays

The final word on keeping your luxury car safe in a new town is to consider whether it’s not smarter to rent a car and leave your luxury wheels at home, safe in your garage. If that’s not possible, consider leaving it with a trustworthy friend, to keep in their garage or on the driveway. In short, the best way to prevent a break-in or robbery of your pride and joy is to not bring it along.

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