Important Tips for Taking Care of Horses

Important Tips for Taking Care of Horses

March 31, 2022
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While farmers and ranchers still consider horses to be livestock, the ASPCA considers them companion animals. These elegant creatures are the height of luxury and make beautiful additions to the family as pets. However, they also require specialized care. As a horse owner, you must make sure your horses receive proper care. Even if you’re hiring someone to care for your horse, you can pass along these important tips for taking care of horses.

Keep a Regular Schedule

Horses require a consistent feeding, watering, and mucking schedule. You or your hired stable help should do all three every morning and evening. Mucking will include replacing soiled bedding with fresh bedding. While you’re in the stall, check and clean your horse’s hooves. You should check hooves once a day, so consider adding that to either the morning or night routine.

Stay Up to Date on Vaccines

Your horse’s vaccine needs will vary depending on their age, where they live, and travel habits. Your veterinarian should know which vaccines are best for your horse’s lifestyle. Regardless of lifestyle, your horse can contract worms if you keep them in too close quarters with other horses or if you neglect cleaning their stall. Your vet should check your horse for worms every season and recommend appropriate dewormers.

Get Them Outside

Horses thrive in their natural habitat. While they don’t have to be outside 24/7, especially in extreme weather, it’s a good idea to give them extended time in a pasture or dry lot throughout the day. Pastures are best during warm months, but you shouldn’t put your horse in a pasture until it has at least six inches of grass growth. Horses are grazing animals, but if they try to eat grass that is too short, they may inhale dirt and parasites, which can make them sick. A dry lot is best in the right size during the cold and wet months, with proper food storage to avoid dirt inhalation and good drainage.

Help Them Exercise

While your horse is enjoying their time outside, you should help them exercise. Riding your horse in a pasture, around a ring, or on a trail are all good ways to get them active. Try doing these kinds of exercises several times a week. Once a week, do a long-rein exercise with them. Long-rein exercises can help you better understand how your horse moves and are easier for them since it’s a riderless experience.

These four important tips for taking care of horses are beneficial for horse owners regardless of how active they are in their horse’s care. As their owner, you are responsible for making sure your horse stays on a schedule, is up to date on their vaccines, spends time outside, and gets proper exercise. Your horse will thrive under such care and be a beautiful source of pride for your household.

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