How To Host a Summer Soiree for Your Friends

How To Host a Summer Soiree for Your Friends

June 7, 2022
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Enjoy the summer weather and good company with a luxurious flair. There are many reasons to go all out this summer and host a memorable social event, from creating networking opportunities to celebrating and treating those you love. Transform a traditional summer cookout into an elegant evening soiree in your garden. Soirees not only sound more sophisticated, but they also include more formalities than a regular social gathering. Here is how to host a summer soiree for your friends and loved ones.

Decorate With a Purpose

As a host, part of your required duties includes creating a specific and enjoyable ambience. Ditch the paper plates and plastic table clothes and switch to more formal dining ware and décor. Decorating your garden or patio with a set aesthetic adds purpose and visual appeal, creating a more memorable night for all to enjoy.

Implement a Dress Code

Implementing a dress code further establishes the type of event and atmosphere you want to create during your evening. Unlike regular backyard BBQs, soirees require more planning and cohesiveness. Dress codes help set the tone and ensure that everyone stays on the same page. They come in all kinds of variations, from black tie and business formal to costume attire. Dressing for a cocktail partyinspired theme allows you and guests to dress formally while also leaving wiggle room for creating outfits appropriate for the outdoor weather.

Follow Traditional Formalities

Society held particular standards for hosting etiquette in the past, generating numerous standards and formalities one should take when hosting an event. Over the years, those formalities slipped away, undermined by more causal practices. Bring back the class and follow the proper etiquette with letters of invitation, set menus, and formal seating arrangements.

Hire Extra Services

There are countless additional services to hire, from servers and bartenders to a hired chef and entertainment. Along with following various party etiquette, hiring extra aid further adheres to formalities and creates a more elegant evening. Third-party help increases the sophistication of the event and releases you from many of the hosting burdens, giving you time to relax and enjoy the evening with your friends.

Hosting a summer soiree for your friends gives you and those you care about an excuse to dress up, share a meal, and spend time together outside. Like a classy garden party, a summer soiree makes you feel like you stepped into a fairytale. They are fun to plan, experience, and look back on as time passes.

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