How To Achieve a Timeless Look in Your Home

How To Achieve a Timeless Look in Your Home

February 2, 2021
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Staying on-trend can display your savviness with your home decorating. However, if you become too entrenched in chasing the newest fads, you’ll constantly need to switch out the pieces you have. This can become tiring and expensive. Luckily, with the right considerations, you can create a more enduring style. Discover here how to achieve a timeless look in your home that will stay attractive for a long time.

Use a Neutral Color Palette

Making a neutral color palette the foundation for each room is a core principle in timeless decorating. Whites, blacks, grays, browns, and beiges all fall within the neutral category because they’re versatile and modest. They can easily find a place in any home no matter what your personal tastes are, and they aren’t prone to clashing either. To inject some personality through color while staying neutral, you can play with color temperatures. For example, some grays have slight blue tinges that make them appear cool while others lean more towards brown, which gives off a warm feeling. Small pops of brighter colors are also fine so long as you use them in moderation.

Blend the Old and the New

When you adhere strictly to a defined style, you could end up inadvertently tying your interior spaces to a specific time period. It could potentially give your home a dated look, and no one wants that. To achieve a timeless look in your home, you can instead blend old and new elements together. You could incorporate traditional decorations with modern pieces and fixtures that come together to form your own consistent design. Achieve balance while doing this by pairing busy pieces with simple ones and vice versa. To illustrate, you could place a clean, contemporary table in front of a traditional, more complex wallpaper. Wallpaper’s history in décor means there are countless old designs to choose from. The unifying factors among your disparate elements could be common colors, shapes, and/or patterns.

Don’t Overcrowd Your Spaces

When clutter dominates your home, it may look worn out and dirty. Although certain styles intentionally fill up a lot of space with miscellaneous objects, if you want a timeless look you should avoid overcrowding. By keeping room arrangement neat, your home designs will always appear intentional and relaxing. Just as you don’t want bold pieces to overwhelm your home—resulting in you getting bored of the interior’s design—try to find a balance between occupied and empty space. This has the added benefit of ensuring your home is always functional and easy to move around in.

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