Helpful Tips for Designing Your Dream Home

Helpful Tips for Designing Your Dream Home

April 13, 2021
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Designing your dream home is always fulfilling, but there’s a big difference between having ideas and having a plan. So, how do you make a plan? Using these helpful tips for designing your dream home can help you solidify a realistic, fulfilling plan of attack.

Balancing the Scales

To narrow down exactly what dream home amenities you want, write your ideas out on a list and ask yourself a key question—which one do you miss the most? Maybe you want a walk-in closet, but the size of your wardrobe doesn’t justify it.

On the other hand, if you own multiple cars but don’t have enough space in the garage, then that larger garage you’ve been dreaming about might be a worthwhile investment. At the end of the day, everyone’s dream amenities will differ, so consider which ones will truly make your daily life better. This doesn’t mean you have to throw luxury items to the side; quite the opposite, in fact. It means you should consider which luxury items will have the most positive impact on your current lifestyle.

Color-Coded Decor

Maybe you’ve always wanted a series of paintings lining your living room walls, as well as a selection of nice throw pillows on your couch. Both décor options are brilliant, but the brilliance can be significantly hindered if the colors are clashing. Luckily, choosing a nice color palette can act as a nice guiding light for your décor. For instance, if your paintings feature light blue colors, grabbing some throw pillows with a similar blue tint will keep everything cohesive, balanced, and incredible to look at.

Learning the basics of interior design won’t just help you use colors effectively but also any other home decor you display.  Even contrasting colors can have a place in home décor, but you must be skillful with how you weave contrasting shades, hues, and tints throughout the property.

Communication Is Key

A solid understanding of interior design will also help you communicate your vision to contractors, interior designers, and any other professionals directly involved in designing your home. If you’re not an expert in roofing, plumbing, and other key components of home construction, then you might not be fully aware of the parameters you have to keep your vision within.

Even if you the money to invest in a particular amenity, that doesn’t mean you can actually buy and install that amenity on your property. For example, even if you can afford a home tennis court, local zoning laws and HOA regulations might dictate certain factors such as the court surface material and fence size. This is one of the most helpful tips for designing your dream home because if you and your contractors and designers aren’t on the same page, that lack of communication will be greatly reflected in the finished product.

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