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Helpful Pieces Of Gear You Need For Taking Up Bowling As A Hobby

October 7, 2022
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If you’re after an enjoyable and challenging hobby, bowling is a great choice. However, to get the most out of your experience, it’s crucial to have the right gear. This blog post will discuss the essential pieces of equipment that every bowler should have. With these tools, you’ll be ready to take on any bowling lane.

Bowling ball

Most beginners will want to purchase a polyester bowling ball. This is an essential piece of equipment required for bowling because the material helps control the speed and direction of the ball. These balls are durable and have a lower price point than other options. If you decide to bowl regularly, you may want to upgrade to a urethane or reactive resin ball. While most bowling alleys will have a set of balls you can use, it’s always best to have your own. This way, you can be sure that the ball fits your hand correctly and is the right weight for you. You will have a better time bowling and may even see an improvement in your scores.

Bowling gloves

You may want to invest in a pair of bowling gloves to get a better grip on the ball. These gloves help absorb the oil on your hands and provide extra grip. This can be especially helpful if you have sweaty hands. Gloves also protect your fingers and palms from calluses and blisters that often form from bowling. If you decide to purchase gloves, try them on before buying them to ensure a comfortable fit. If the gloves are too tight, they will be uncomfortable to wear and may affect your bowling. Conversely, if the gloves are too loose, they will not provide the grip you need and may even cause the ball to slip out of your hand.

Bowling tape

To improve your bowling game, having suitable tape is crucial. This will help you better grip the ball and prevent it from slipping. For instance, if you don’t have your ball, there is an excellent chance that the ball you’re using at the bowling alley is too big or small for your hand. By placing the tape on the ball, you can ensure it fits snugly in your hand and doesn’t slip when you throw it. You can also use tape to improve your grip if your hands are sweaty. It’s also a good idea to use tape to protect your fingers from the holes in the ball. Usually, bowling balls will have three holes drilled into them. These holes can cause your fingers to become sore and calloused if you’re not careful. By wrapping tape around your fingers, you can create a barrier between your skin and the ball. You can find bowling tape at most sporting goods stores.

Bowling shoes

Although you can always rent shoes at the bowling alley, having your own pair is much more convenient and affordable. When choosing bowling shoes, comfort is vital. Look for a pair that fits well and provides good support. This means you’ll be able to bowl for hours without worrying about your feet. In addition, be sure to pick a shoe that has good traction. This will help you better grip the lane and prevent slipping. Some bowling shoes have soles designed to grip the lane, while others have soles that slide. Those that offer a good grip on the lane are ideal for beginners.


When you are active, it’s essential to have a towel on your hand to wipe away any sweat. This will help keep your hands dry and prevent the ball from slipping. A small, absorbent towel is all you need, but if you want to get a towel designed explicitly for bowling, you can find them at most sporting goods stores. These are usually made from microfiber and are very effective at absorbing sweat. But you can always opt for those made from cotton as they are cheaper.


A bowling bag is a must-have for any serious bowler. Not only does it make it easy to transport your gear, but it also helps to protect your equipment. When choosing a bowling bag, look for one that’s durable and has plenty of compartments for storing all of your gear. You’ll also want to ensure that the bag is comfortable to carry, as you’ll bring it often. If possible, choose a bag you can carry on your shoulders and a backpack. This will make it easier to carry and prevent you from dragging it behind you.

These are just some of the essential pieces of gear that you need for bowling. With these items, you’ll be well on becoming a pro bowler. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start bowling. Remember that even if you don’t have all the gear, you can still have a lot of fun. So, don’t let that stop you from getting started.

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