Fun Tesla Features You Might Not Know About

Fun Tesla Features You Might Not Know About

July 8, 2022
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I am amazed by the technology behind Telsa’s vehicles. I want to understand their design choices and learn more about why Tesla fans are obsessed with carbon fiber. But what strikes me most is Tesla’s vast array of features and abilities, from internet connectivity and streaming media to advanced safety features and driver assistance. There are a lot of things you can do with this vehicle that you couldn’t do with other vehicles. Here are some fun Tesla features you might not know about.

Caraoke Sessions

Caraoke is a feature that allows you to sing along to your favorite songs. Once activated, the lyrics will show on the screen, and you can sing along. Don’t worry; it won’t record you. You can choose between different modes; in one, the car chooses random songs for you, while the other mode allows users to create their own playlist of songs. This mode also gives users complete control over all 12 speakers, so you can hear your beautiful voice in all its glory. 

All-Glass Panoramic Roof

When you think of a sunroof, you probably picture a sliding panel that lets light into your car. But Tesla’s sunroof is more like an actual solar panel, which means it can generate electricity and let in natural light. It can be opened with the press of a button from inside or outside the vehicle. Unlike other cars’ glass roof panels, Tesla blocks out 81 percent of solar heat for warmer climates and comes with built-in heating elements for winter weather conditions. 

Air Filtration System

Tesla vehicles come equipped with a HEPA filter that cleanses air as it enters the cabin—and releases purified air back into the atmosphere after each ride. Plus, if there are kids in tow or anyone who may have a sensitive respiratory system, this can help prevent illness caused by allergies or bacteria exposure during travel time.

You also have the option to activate Bioweapon defense mode. This mode can be activated in a few seconds and positively pressurizes the car’s cabin, removing pollen, spores, and other contaminants from your car’s air system and preventing pollutants from leaking in. It also reduces the risk of spreading viruses, which could occur if you used a standard filter that didn’t filter out these harmful contaminants.

Dog Mode and Sentry Mode

There are a few fun Tesla features you might not know about that are super useful. For example, dog mode and sentry mode are two features currently only available on Model 3s. Dog mode is a temperature-controlled, sound-activated mode that keeps the interior at a comfortable temperature for pets. It also plays music for them to enjoy while you’re away! 

Sentry mode is a security feature that monitors suspicious activities when your Tesla is parked. When it detects suspicious motion, the vehicle will react. The cameras on your Tesla will record, and the alarm system will sound. You can activate Sentry Mode via the app and receive alerts if anyone tries to approach your car while it’s parked.

Really Cool Features

As you can see, the Tesla electric vehicle is a complex and innovative piece of machinery. It is packed with different features to keep you informed, entertained, and safe from harm. It’s no wonder why so many people are making the switch to this new way of transportation!

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