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Finding the Best 50-Inch Side by Side Without Breaking the Bank

August 30, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  • Affordable 50-inch side-by-sides offer impressive performance and reliability.
  • Factors to consider include horsepower, towing capacity, ground clearance, and aftermarket support.
  • Honda Talon 1000X represents a high-performance option for those willing to invest more.
  • Customizability and aftermarket support can extend the longevity of your side-by-side.

Unlocking Performance without the Hefty Price Tag

Buying a side-by-side doesn’t have to be a budget-busting ordeal. Even in a market teeming with high-performance, wildly expensive options, you can still find a quality machine that provides thrills without the eye-watering price tag. In 2022, several manufacturers have put forth offerings that show you don’t need to spend a fortune for a capable, fun, and reliable 50-inch side-by-side.

CFMoto ZForce 950 H.O.: The Underrated Powerhouse

CFMoto isn’t the first name that comes to mind when thinking of side-by-sides, but maybe it should be. The ZForce 950 H.O. offers one of the most impressive power-to-price ratios in the market. With 90 horsepower generated from a 950cc V-twin engine, it not only competes but often outperforms its more popular rivals in raw power. And it does this while being priced at a relatively modest $13,999.

Another standout feature is its towing capacity. The ZForce can tow up to 550 pounds, offering functionality beyond just fun. For those who need a side-by-side for both work and play, the CFMoto provides a versatile choice that’s hard to overlook.

Polaris RZR Trail: The Customizable Classic

When it comes to aftermarket support and brand recognition, Polaris stands tall. The 2022 RZR Trail is designed with customizability in mind, giving owners a broad range of options for future upgrades. Priced similarly to the CFMoto, the Polaris RZR provides 75 horsepower from an 875cc parallel twin engine, and it’s built with a trail-friendly 50-inch width.

This is your “build-it-as-you-go” option. Its moderate initial investment offers you the liberty to make enhancements down the line, transforming your machine into the best 50-inch side by side that’s uniquely yours.

Can-Am Maverick Trail: Pocket-Friendly and Capable

Can-Am’s Maverick Trail is an efficient yet surprisingly powerful machine. It may have modest specs—52 horsepower from a 700cc Rotax engine—but don’t be deceived. The vehicle’s lightweight build allows for agile and responsive driving, which will feel particularly exhilarating on rugged trails.

It also wins points for affordability. At $13,599, it’s the most pocket-friendly option on this list. And similar to Polaris, Can-Am offers robust aftermarket support, giving you room to improve your ride as your needs and skills advance.

Honda Talon 1000X: The Premium Choice

If your budget allows for a more substantial initial investment, Honda’s Talon 1000X should be at the top of your list. It is a high-performance, best 50-inch side by side that aims to offer something for everyone. With 100 horsepower and features like dual-clutch automatic transmission and Fox LiveValve suspension, this is a machine built not just for today but also for the future.

Despite its higher upfront cost ($20,099), the Talon 1000X provides value by reducing the necessity for immediate or frequent upgrades. This side-by-side is ideal for those who wish to make a long-term commitment to a high-performance machine.

Longevity through Customization

One crucial aspect often overlooked by buyers is the capacity for customization and upgrades. Companies like Polaris and Can-Am offer a wide range of aftermarket parts, which can turn an entry-level machine into a potent trail monster. Investing in a side-by-side with good aftermarket support not only enhances your riding experience but also extends the vehicle’s lifespan.

Final Thoughts

When seeking the best 50-inch side by side, you need not compromise on performance or reliability simply because of budget constraints. Options like the CFMoto ZForce 950 H.O. and Can-Am Maverick Trail provide potent yet affordable choices. Meanwhile, those willing to invest more initially can consider high-performance machines like the Honda Talon 1000X.

Ultimately, the ideal side-by-side for you will depend on your specific needs, be it power, versatility, or long-term customizability. So choose wisely and, most importantly, have fun out on those trails!

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