Eye-Catching Statement Ceiling Design Ideas

Eye-Catching Statement Ceiling Design Ideas
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In the world of luxury interior décor, there’s always a push to create room designs that stand out. We search for exotic art to import into the home, craft custom light fixtures, and build grand additions in the pursuit of making something truly unique.

But sometimes, the best way to create a gorgeous room design isn’t to add something new to the space. It’s to transform something that’s already there. And if there’s one room element many people overlook, it’s the ceiling. These eye-catching statement ceiling design ideas will help you transform your ceiling into something truly magical.

Bright Colors

In most homes, the ceilings are painted pale, neutral colors to make the room appear bigger. But you can create a similar effect by painting the ceiling bright colors, especially if you contrast them with neutral walls.

You can also create a similar effect by painting the walls a darker color and choosing a lighter color for the ceiling, like a pale blue over dark blue walls. Another option is to paint the ceiling with a higher gloss paint than the walls. Just keep in mind that painting with high-gloss paints is different from using low-gloss paint.


Geometric walls have been a chic way to add visual interest to a room for years. But we often don’t consider that we can use the same patterns on the ceiling. A few stunning statement walls ideas that utilize patterns include:

  • Stripes
  • Polka dots
  • A tessellation
  • A series of asymmetrical shapes
  • Overlapping shapes

Pro Tip

If you’re having trouble deciding on your pattern, you can always skip the paint and look into wallpaper patterns. You can even custom order wallpaper to fit with your room’s design.


For a more understated, but no less elegant statement ceiling, you can use the room’s architecture to create a space that’s truly mesmerizing. There is a multitude of ways to pull off this look, including:

  • Adding a millwork ring around ceiling lights
  • Incorporating Versailles-inspired molding
  • Installing coffered ceilings
  • Refinishing wooden rafters
  • Using recessed lighting

Luxury décor is all about making a splash. Creating a statement ceiling is a simple but effective way to transform your room’s design.

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