Exquisite Event Firms Blooming from Curitiba’s Luxurious Terrain: A Deep Dive

February 8, 2024
2 mins read

If there is one thing that the glittering world of fashion and luxury loves, it’s a great event. The events industry is as varied and vibrant as the fashion industry itself, with companies providing services for everything from runway shows and launch parties to corporate events and exhibitions. As part of our ongoing series focusing on companies in this dynamic industry, we take a look today at those that call Curitiba, Parana, Brazil their home. Situated in the iconic South American country known for its zest for life, these companies have crafted a unique approach to their work that is worth exploring.


Our first stop in Curitiba brings us to Malinovski. Not your usual event company, Malinovski seamlessly integrates Event Management with Forestry Consulting and Corporate Training, providing a holistic service for their clients. From the implementation of operational systems linked to forest roads, harvesting, and transport, to supervisory and management training, Malinovski addresses a wide range of demands. Connect with them on their Facebook and LinkedIn Pages.

AAA Innovation

In the realm of corporate training and event management, another Curitiba-based company, AAA Innovation, is making waves. Although there is no available description of the company to provide further detail, you can learn more about them through their Facebook and LinkedIn pages or follow their updates on twitter.

Bliss Fotografia

Every event needs a great camera crew, and Bliss Fotografia certainly fits the bill. Specializing in not just events but also wedding photography and video, Bliss Fotografia adds that special touch to your special day. Keep up with them on Facebook or Twitter.


Also based in Curitiba is Decolanet, a leading Travel Agency specializing in airfare, road tickets, hotel and car rental promotions. Perfectly poised for corporate travel and large event transportation, Decolanet began its operation in 2015. Follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

Adoro Viajar S/A

Adoro Viajar S/A, meaning “love to travel” in Portuguese, provides travel platforms and reaffirms that the event industry is not all glitz and glamour. Events need meticulous planning, often involving travel and tourism. Connect with them on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Nizo Gomide

Moving on to a more musical note, Curitiba is also home to Nizo Gomide, who specializes in event management, event services and of course, music. With live acoustic music at your event, Nizo Gomide ensures that any event becomes a memorable one. Feel free to follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

Diário do Chá

For an event with a unique touch, Diário do Chá delivers. With its roots in the food and beverage industry, specifically tea, it offers event solutions out of the ordinary. You may follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Alô Ingressos

Alô Ingressos adds to the vibrant events scene in Curitiba by providing event management and marketing services. Though there is no detailed description available currently, connecting with them via social networks like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn should give you an idea about their offerings.

Genese Coletivo

In the industry of delivery and events, Genese Coletivo stands out. Although no description is available for the company, you could connect them on their website.


Last but not least, we have FestFy, a part of the digital entertainment industry, with its services focused on events and the online marketplace scene. Though there is no description or social media links available, it does put a digital spin on traditional event services.

That’s a wrap on our journey through the fascinating businesses making up the events industry in Curitiba. With each company bringing its unique spin to the table, it’s clear that if you’re looking for standout event services, Curitiba is the place to be.

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