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Exploring the Versatility of the 3 on the Sides Haircut

July 17, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  • The 3 on the sides haircut is a versatile and easily customizable haircut.
  • A number of variations are available to suit personal preferences and lifestyles.
  • Cutting this style at home can be simple with the right equipment and patience.
  • Communication with your barber is key for achieving the desired look.
  • Maintaining your haircut can be easy with a few essential hair care tips.

Unveiling the 3 on the Sides Haircut

The 3 on the sides haircut can be best described as a timeless and versatile hairstyle. It involves using the number 3 clipper guard to trim the sides and back of your hair, resulting in a stylish, neat, and modern look. With this haircut, the length of hair on top can be personalized, allowing numerous possible styles. Whether you opt for a quiff, a pompadour, a comb-over, or a simple buzz cut, this hairstyle ensures you remain in vogue without sacrificing your unique style.

Understanding the Variations

The beauty of the 3 on the sides haircut lies in its versatility. It offers several variants to cater to different preferences:

1. The Uniform Buzz Cut: The hair is cut to an equal length all over the head using a number 3 clipper guard, creating a low-maintenance, clean look.

2. The 4 on Top Variant: Here, the sides are buzzed with a number 3 clipper, while the top is trimmed using a number 4 clipper, providing some height and volume on top.

3. The Stylish Quiff: This style requires leaving the top longer, which can be swept up and back into a trendy quiff, with the sides neatly buzzed using the number 3 clipper.

4. The Fade Variant: This style starts with a lower number clipper guard and gradually blends into the number 3 length, resulting in a sleek, faded effect.

5. The Man Bun Variation: In this unique combination, the sides are trimmed with a number 3 clipper, while the top is long enough to tie up into a chic man bun.

Mastering the 3 on the Sides Haircut at Home

Achieving the 3 on the sides haircut at home can be straightforward with some guidance:

1. Preparation: Start by ensuring your clippers and necessary guards (number 3 and optional number 4) are ready. It’s best to begin with clean, towel-dried hair.

2. Trimming the Sides: Fix the number 3 guard on your clippers and start cutting from the bottom up. Carefully navigate around the ears before moving to the top.

3. Cutting the Top: Attach the number 4 guard (for the 4 on top style) and trim the top hair from front to back, exercising caution around the temples.

4. Finishing Touches: Check for any stray hairs and even them out. Seek assistance for the neckline if possible, as it can be challenging to perfect yourself.

Communicating with Your Barber

If you’d rather leave your haircut to a professional, effective communication with your barber is key:

1. Be Specific: Clearly state your preferences for the sides, back, and top of your hair. If you want a fade, mention the desired length and transition point.

2. Show an Example: A picture can often communicate better than words. If possible, show your barber a photo of the haircut you want.

3. Remember the Details: Don’t forget about other elements like the hairline, sideburns, and whether you want your hair styled with a product.


The 3 on the sides haircut is a blend of versatility, convenience, and style. By selecting the variation that suits you best, and by effectively communicating your preferences to your barber, you can achieve a stylish, individual look that suits your personality and lifestyle. The versatility and simplicity of this style make it a modern classic in men’s grooming.

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