Exploring New York’s Prominent Art Industry Leader: Levi Keswick

January 30, 2024
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Operating within the bustling epicenter of creativity and technological advancement that is New York City, a variety of innovative companies extending across various sectors. Some have specifically made a name for themselves within the Art industry, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, big data, and more. As part of our ongoing series, we will shine a spotlight on these trailblazing firms housed in the Big Apple.

The fusion of technology and art has transformed the ways we perceive and interact with the world around us. AI augmentation and automation have allowed us to create stunning visual effects, generate personalized content, and protect our digital lives. We will delve into an array of companies at the forefront of these capacities, embracing the future, and reinventing art, technology, and more.

These companies span the globe, each with its roots planted firmly in New York City, providing innovative solutions, services and products, and not just within the United States but globally. From companies aiding in safeguarding user privacy to those offering new ways to examine art and culture, let us explore these dynamic companies.


Founded by Will Allred and William Ballance, Lavender is an innovative AI company that has developed an AI email assistant. This technology integrates prospect research, SPAM detection, mobile integration, and more to enhance email marketing and overall communication by boosting open rates and doubling replies.


Artificial intelligence, big data, cybersecurity, and risk management combine to offer solutions at BigID. Founded by Dmitri Sirota and Nimrod Vax, BigID aims to protect customer and employee data while meeting regulatory compliance, using machine learning to apply data science to data privacy.


At the intersection of AI, Machine learning, and Video Editing, Runway stands tall. With founders like Alejandro Matamala, Anastasis Germanidis, and Cristóbal Valenzuela Barrera, the company pioneers the next generation of creativity tools, making machine learning accessible to a wide array of creatives.

Hume AI

Hume AI, a New York-based company founded by Alan Cowen, is on a mission to introduce expressive communication tools using AI. Its technology focuses on human expression, empathy, and well-being to ensure emotional intelligence parallels technological advancement.

Seek AI

Steve Nagy’s brainchild, Seek AI, uses AI to create intelligent data solutions These solutions automate the generation and maintenance of code for handling ad-hoc inquiries while also taking care of semantic models.


Headquartered in New York City, Taboola has made waves in the advertising industry with its innovative content discovery platform. Founded by Adam Singolda, this company promises to connect users with content they may like but are yet to discover.


Analytics, artificial intelligence, and big data blend seamlessly at Canoe. This company, founded by Wei Wang, focuses on automating document management and data extraction for investors into alternatives.


Sisense, founded by Adi Azaria, Aviad Harell, Elad Israeli, and Eldad Farkash, empowers organizations to infuse analytics by embedding it within their workflows. This company has firmly established itself as a front runner in the fields of analytics and business intelligence.


Cleerly, founded by James K. Min, aspires to prevent heart attacks through digital care pathways. This healthcare company combines clinical science with AI to generate actionable insights that can enhance cardiac care.


As visionaries in the transport and vehicle industry, founders Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz and Eran Shir of Nexar are bringing innovative applications to the market that enhance transportation safety using artificial intelligence.


AI engineers Michael Saltzman and Tomas Vykruta founded EvolutionIQ with an aim to bring an AI transformation to insurance carriers. They aid companies in reducing reserves, managing losses, and increasing customer satisfaction.

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