Exploring Moscow’s Pinnacle of Luxury: The Fashion Industry Spotlight

February 8, 2024
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Lamoda, founded by Alex Boch, Burkhard Binder, Florian Jansen, and Niels Tonsen, is a key player in the fashion industry. Its principal operations are in e-commerce and the sale of wearables, with its headquarters setup in Moscow City. Lamoda, launched in 2011, has quickly become the leading online retailer in Russia and CIS, offering a catalog of more than 1,000,000 products that includes 900 international brands. Learn more about this trailblazer in the fashion industry, on their social media platforms LinkedIn here, and on Facebook here.


Noun, a fashion retail store headquartered in Moscow City, specializes in women’s clothing and textiles. Its dynamic marketing strategy involves producing goods in limited batches and frequently rotating the range of offerings. Noun keeps a keen eye on the unique preferences and specific features of Russian consumers, ensuring that their products remain relevant and appealing. Follow Noun’s fashion journey on their Facebook page.


Luxxy, the brainchild of Anton Vlasov and Vladimir Evladov, has established itself as the leader in the resale luxury consignment niche on the Russian market. Their product platforms and efficient app make shopping for luxury items like jewelry and designer apparel a breeze. Luxxy also extends their services to include authenticity guarantees and customer-friendly return policies. Stay up to date with Luxxy’s latest happenings via their LinkedIn page and Facebook page.


An online shopping destination in the heart of Moscow City, Ex-Bags offers a wide range of consumer goods. From backpacks, belts and wallets, to mini bags, it offers a collection of accessories for the fashion-conscious consumer.


Shelly was founded by Nikita Repeshko in Moscow City, and it offers a unique blend of fashion and wellness. Shelly provides a range of home delivery services, including manicure, depilation, correction and coloring of eyebrows. Learn more about Shelly’s innovative business model on their Facebook page and LinkedIn page.


A brainchild of Stanislaw Bai, Shoppilot.ru operates from Moscow City. This software as a service (SaaS)-based social commerce platform offers a range of intelligent tools that enhance the e-commerce shopping experience. It helps enhance traffic, conversion rates, and average order value. Follow Shoppilot on their Facebook page.

Maison D’angelann

Internationally recognised luxury brand, Maison D’angelann, founded by Anna Chybisova and Anzhelika Svyatash, is based in Moscow City. Maison D’angelann is renowned for its timelessly elegant and contemporary designs. Follow their renowned fashion journey on their Twitter page and Facebook page.


DOROGOBOGATO, a woman’s clothing brand, is part of the fast fashion segment. Founded by Roman Kovalishin and Seymon Pimenov in Moscow City, they have positioned themselves as a popular brand in the fashion industry. Follow DorogoBogato’s fashionable offerings on their Facebook page.


Wildberries, founded by Tatyana Bakalchuk, is a Russia-based e-commerce company that retails apparel, fashion goods, and electronic items. With more than 10,500 brands targeting more than 3,000,000 site visitors daily, Wildberries stands as a titan in the fashion e-commerce segment. Follow Wildberries on their Twitter page, Facebook page, and LinkedIn page.

Little Gentrys

Founded by Maxim Faldin, Little Gentrys is a multi-brand boutique specializing in children’s clothing. Based in Moscow, they offer a variety of designs and styles that have captured the hearts of their young customers and parents alike. Follow Little Gentrys’ fashionable journey on their Twitter page and Facebook page.


Aizel.ru, founded by Aysel Trudel, is Russia’s first luxury fashion marketplace. With more than 300 global brands available online, Aizel.ru has become a one-stop shop for the fashion-savvy consumers of the world. Stay updated on the latest fashion trends with Aizel.ru by following them on their Twitter page, Facebook page.

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