Exploring LA’s Artistic Industry: Showcasing Local Los Angeles Art Companies

January 30, 2024
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As an urban hub of creativity, innovation and ever-evolving technology, Los Angeles is home to a myriad of companies operating in various industries. Notably, the City of Angels has gained a considerable reputation for its burgeoning art industry, with a host of innovative companies introducing ground-breaking technologies to revolutionize the way arts and fashion blend in the modern world. In a series of articles, we delve into the profiles of these movers and shakers, creating waves in the art industry from their LA headquarters.

From artificial intelligence to fintech, these companies are using modern technology to re-shape the socio-cultural fabric of the world we live in. Regardless of the sub-sectors they operate in, the common thread throughout these companies is their forward-thinking mindset and ceaseless striving for growth and innovation. This Los Angeles-bred spirit of innovativeness has fostered the rise of some of the most innovative start-ups we see in the world today.

This article aims to provide an overview of these dynamic art industry players based in Los Angeles. We will be exploring their profiles, including key information like their founders, the industries they operate in, descriptions of their operations and impacts, and links to their websites and social media platforms.

Camino Financial

Founded by Kenneth Salas and Sean Salas, Camino Financial is an AI-powered community lending platform, offering credit and wealth-building solutions to entrepreneurs who often go overlooked in traditional finance. With its unique credit assessment and data aggregation capabilities, Camino Financial has emerged as a certified Community Development Financial Institution by the U.S. Department of Treasury. [Link to the company’s social media profiles: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn]


Regard, formerly HealthTensor, was founded by Eli Ben-Joseph, Nate Wilson, and Thomas Moulia. The company has developed artificially intelligent systems that automate documentation for physicians, saving time, reducing liability, and optimizing proper reimbursements. [Regard on LinkedIn]


Created by Daniel Berlind, Snappt is an AI-powered fraud detection platform that determines the authenticity of financial documents. [Snappt on LinkedIn]


Founded by Dami Rafael Jegede, ROOMBUS develops disaster-proof smart houses and offers high-density energy storage batteries.


Founded by Kaushal Solanki, Eyenuk is a medtech company that leverages artificial intelligence for risk assessment and disease surveillance. [Eyenuk on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn]


The team behind Arternal, Raymond Nguyen, Sean Green, and Steve Miller, created an efficient CRM system that streamlines sales processes for art galleries. [Arternal on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn]


Headed by Alice Hau and Ramin Ahmari, FINESSE uses artificial intelligence to predict fashion trends and optimize distribution. [FINESSE on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn]


Medical technology company NovaSignal, founded by Dan J. Hanchey, Leo Petrossian, and Robert B. Hamilton, commercializes a robotic cerebral ultrasound system. [NovaSignal on LinkedIn]

GrayMatter Robotics

GrayMatter Robotics, founded by Ariyan Kabir, Brual Shah, and Satyandra Gupta, develops AI-brains for robots to improve quality of life. [GrayMatter Robotics on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn]


VERSES, created by Capm Petersen, Dan Mapes, Gabriel Rene, and Steven Swanson, is a contextual computing company known for its AI-based operating system. [VERSES on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn]


Founded by Chandrasekar Rathakrishnan and William Adams, i.am+ designs and manufactures wearable tech products, aiming to create a ripple in pop culture. [i.am+ on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn]

While each of these companies differ in their unique offerings, their commitment to technological advancement and creative innovation serve as a testament to the diverse and advanced state of the Los Angeles-based art industry ecosystem.

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