Exploring Lafayette’s Pioneers in Luxury Digital Marketing: A Levi Keswick Feature

February 7, 2024
2 mins read

As the digital age continues, many businesses rely heavily on digital marketing strategies. In this technologically advanced era, strategic digital marketing improves online visibility, enhances communication with target audiences, and increases overall revenue. Today, we draw attention to ten innovative digital marketing companies shaping the marketing landscape from Lafayette, Louisiana.

Lafayette, nestled in the heart of Cajun and Creole Country, is far more than just a culinary sensation. It’s an epicenter of rich cultural experiences and the home base of some of the most innovative digital marketing agencies. These companies demonstrate a keen understanding of the nuances of digital marketing and use state-of-the-art strategies and techniques to help their clients achieve their customer engagement and growth objectives.


Co-founded by Steven Sauder and Tyler Knochel, HustleFish is a versatile digital marketing agency specializing in web design, digital marketing, and brand development. Also providing services such as speed optimization and proactive monitoring, HustleFish uses innovative approaches to meet its clients’ needs.

Firefly Marketing

Founded by Bill Dalton, Michael Spears, and Mike Spears, Firefly Marketing focuses on converting creative ideas into robust digital experiences. Through their eye-catching web designs and result-oriented digital marketing strategies, they help businesses tell their stories and connect with their audience.

Teamwork Solutions

Under the leadership of Casey Deshotels, Teamwork Solutions provide businesses with innovative and customized digital marketing services. The company believes in the power of collaboration to create effective marketing strategies and solutions.

ArisAlex Digital

Renowned for its digital marketing and IT services, ArisAlex Digital helps businesses make data-informed decisions. Through their business intelligence services, they help businesses understand and analyze their activities effectively.

Alpha Dog Digital

Focusing on transforming businesses through digital marketing, Alpha Dog Digital is a results-driven agency. They offer businesses innovative solutions to increase its online presence and drive growth.

Eyebox Media

Eyebox Media offers comprehensive digital marketing solutions. They help brands create and distribute engaging content, thus enhancing online visibility and sales growth.

BBR Creative

Founded by Cathi Pavy, Cherie Hebert, and Sara Ashy, BBR Creative offers innovative advertising solutions for brands, including SEO, digital advertising, and strategic marketing.

Andrea Garcia LLC

Andrea Garcia LLC distinguishes itself by providing consulting, digital marketing, e-commerce, and web development services. This company aims to help brands build reliable and robust online platforms.

Rally Marketing

Rally Marketing is a full-service digital agency that prides itself on boosting brand visibility through proven and trackable methods. Since its establishment in 2017, it is dedicated to maximising its clients’ online potential.

Holbrook Multi Media

Holbrook Multi Media uses a blend of marketing strategies and communication tactics to design audience-targeted content. They pull all the stops to boost businesses through a unique blend of marketing strategies.

Ability Advertising

Ability Advertising breaks the mold with its comprehensive array of online marketing solutions and services. They believe that every business has the ability to achieve their goals with the right kind of advertising.

These ten companies are shaping the digital marketing landscape in Lafayette, Louisiana with their innovative offerings and solutions. As the need for digital presence continues to grow, so does the importance of these companies in taking Lafayette’s businesses to the global stage.

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