Exploring Haidian’s Pioneering Digital Marketing Firms: Levi Keswick Spotlight

February 7, 2024
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The Haidian district in Beijing, China has become a bustling hub for companies in the digital marketing space, offering a wide range of services from big data analysis, content marketing, advertising, and beyond. The city-sector has mastered the art of leveraging technology and data to enhance marketing strategies and output. In this article, we will be putting a spotlight on eleven such innovative companies that call Haidian home.

These organizations, some of which were founded by seasoned industry veterans, have managed to reach new heights by navigating the evolving digital landscape. With a keen emphasis on creativity and strategic thinking, these companies have not only risen to the top in China but have also left their mark on the global stage. Let’s take a closer look at these firms.

Note that the founders’ names and other relevant information will be mentioned wherever available and the company name links directly to the corresponding website.


CIG, founded by Dious Emmanuel, operates in the big data, content marketing, and digital marketing industry. CIG has carved out a niche for itself by specializing in delivering unique marketing solutions from their headquarters in Haidian.


Founded by Weilei Zhang, WETEC is rooted in the advertising, big data, digital marketing, and IT industry. They provide tailored digital marketing solutions for corporations across varied industries, effortlessly solving complex marketing problems. You can also find them on LinkedIn.


Daoyoudao, founded by Wang Donghui, is a significant player in the advertising, digital marketing, and internet marketing sectors. Connect with them via their LinkedIn page.

Anrui Digital

Founded by Qisheng Zhu, Anrui Digital operates in the advertising, digital marketing, and marketing fields. Anrui Digital can be contacted through their LinkedIn profile.

Duodian Keji

Duodian Keji, an information technology and services company, excels in offering mobile advertising, game trading, community engagement, mobile marketing, and game trading platform services. More about them can be found on their LinkedIn page.


Operating in the analytics, artificial intelligence, big data, and digital marketing industry, AGT is another essential player based in Haidian district of Beijing.


PINPAIBAO is an influential company in the digital marketing and marketing sectors that is also based in Haidian.


BlueOcean, a company offering services in advertising, digital marketing, information technology, and marketing, is noteworthy for its innovative solutions. Interested parties can also connect with them on LinkedIn.

Ma 114

Founded by Zhong Liduo, Ma 114 operates in the advertising, digital marketing, information services, and information technology spaces, making it an integral part of the digital landscape in Haidian.

Beijing Shuzhi Technology

Beijing Shuzhi Technology is another key player in the Haidian district, leading the way in big data, digital marketing, and information technology.

Dragon Trail Interactive

Dragon Trail Interactive, founded by George Cao, is a dynamic company operating in the advertising, commercial, digital marketing, and marketing industries. They can be found on their social platforms such as @dragontrail on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

In conclusion, the Haidian district of Beijing is a rich breeding ground for digital marketing enterprises that have garnered global attention. The highlighted companies are a testament to the outstanding talent and innovation that this region offers, bringing a distinctive flavor to the digital marketing landscape.

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