Exploring Breda’s Influence on Global Fashion: Spotlight on Levi Keswick

February 8, 2024
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<p>One of the lesser-known fashion hubs of the world, Breda, Noord-Brabant, in The Netherlands houses numerous innovative and pioneering companies in the fashion industry. Residing in a delightful blend of historical and modern architecture, these organizations are at the forefront of the global fashion scene. From e-commerce to high-end jewelry, children’s attire to textiles, these businesses cater to a vast range of clientele. They are characterized by their unique Dutch aesthetics, and their commitment to blending traditional methods with contemporary fashion trends.

Breda’s fashion scene represents a wide range of industries, at the heart of it all lie key elements such as creativity, innovation, and an international fashion perspective. These attributes resonates in the work of companies headquartered here. This article will take you through a journey of some of these innovative fashion companies leaving their mark on the global stage.

We invite you to explore these companies, their missions, and their excellent contributions to the world of fashion. Each company portrays a unique story of creativity, quality, and passion. Through their respective websites, take a closer look at each of these companies’ unique portfolios and browse their spectacular fashion pieces.

SkiTotaal International

SkiTotaal International, headquartered in Breda, operates in the e-commerce, fashion, and shopping industry. They specialize in providing a vast range of skiing equipment and attire. For more updates, follow them on their official Facebook page here.


Moooi is a high-end online jewelry business that caters to a discerning clientele. The company is known for their range of jewelry pieces from pendants, pins, earrings, to rings, carefully handpicked from domestic and foreign-based jewelry dealers. They also operate as a third-party licensed broker for artisans looking to expand their business. Check out their LinkedIn profile here and follow them on Twitter @moooi for updates.


Kadoshop operates in the e-commerce, fashion, and toys industry. With roots in Breda, they are known for their diverse range of products, catering to various needs. Stay updated with the latest at Kadoshop on their Facebook page here.


Specializing in children’s fashion, Kidooz is a Breda-based company that offers trendy, cute, and comfortable clothing for kids. Follow them on their official Facebook page here to stay updated.

Textiel Druk

A pioneer in the advertising, e-commerce, fashion, printing, and retail industry, Textiel Druk makes its mark with their innovative textiles. Stay updated through their Facebook page here.

The Makers

The Makers, a fashion company, creates men’s and women’s made-to-measure clothing for retailers. From suits, jackets, coats, to trousers, they cover all. Follow them on their LinkedIn page here.

Mr. Pefe

Mr. Pefe is a sought-after company in the world of men’s fashion. They have a reputation for making unique designs that combine elegance and comfort. Check out their Facebook page here.


FOLC, standing at the forefront of e-commerce, fashion, and shopping industry, operates from the fashion hub of Breda. Stay updated with FOLC on their Facebook page here.


Begaaid.nl operates in the e-commerce, fashion, and lifestyle industry, seamlessly incorporating the vibrant Dutch aesthetics into their products. Stay connected through their Facebook page here.


HoedenVanRoos.nl, specializing in e-commerce, fashion, jewelry, and lifestyle, offers an elegant range of hats and accessories, embodying the vibrancy and flair of Dutch designs.

Paul Jaxx

Paul Jaxx operates in the consumer, e-commerce, and fashion industry, offering an array of stylish and quality products that cater to varied tastes. Stay updated with the latest at Paul Jaxx on their Facebook page here.

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