Exclusive Events Firms Flourishing in Levallois-perret: A Fashion Industry Spotlight

February 8, 2024
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Levallois-perret, a quiet and charismatic suburb of Ile-de-France, France – renowned for its picturesque cityscape and vibrant nuance, is home to a myriad of ingenious firms that have etched their names in the realm of the events industry. This article tours some of these establishments whose inventive concept and high-quality service provision has endowed Levallois-perret with a distinctive stature on the global map. By broaching their histories, service portfolio, online platforms, and foothold in the global market, we delve into what makes these companies the vanguard in the industry.

These companies’ diverse industry focus ranges from education, the internet, training, and event management through to digital media, marketing, publishing, hospitality, information services, and trade shows. Their visionary commitment to exploring emerging customer needs and transcending conventional market expectations has placed Levallois-Perret as a hub for innovative technology, creativity, and customer satisfaction. A closer look at each company will reveal the unique value proposition that places them at the industry’s cutting edge.

One commonality across these companies is their impressive digital footprint. From intuitive websites to dynamic social media platforms, these companies embrace technology wholeheartedly to engage with both seasoned clients and prospective customers. The expansive online engagement strategies underscore their commitment to transparency, customer engagement, and service quality improvement.


Studyrama is a reputable firm that intertwines education, events, the internet, and training to create a perfect concord of service. They are a leading light in the event industry, and their website provides a glimpse into the portfolio of their innovative services. Join their network on Twitter (@studyrama) or reach out to them via LinkedIn.


With its broad expertise in association work, Events, and Trade Shows, UFI has perpetually delivered excellent services. Follow their progress and interact with them on Twitter (@ufilive) or via Facebook at ufilive. You can also network with them on LinkedIn.


In the realms of Events and Information Services, few companies can stand toe-to-toe with Échangeur. Their digital platforms define this tier one establishment in more detail. Join their interactive Twitter following (@echangeur) or follow them on LinkedIn .


Charlestown has delineated a unique niche in Events and Hospitality. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is palpable through their interaction with their customers on social media. Follow their latest news on Twitter @Charlestown_fr or interact with them via LinkedIn.

Talent Web Events

Revolving around Event Management and Events, Talent Web Events pride themselves on their tailored approach to each event. Their networks on LinkedIn are always brimming with new, creative event ideas.


The branding and performance solutions offered by NEWEB Régie have strikingly transformed the Advertising, Digital Media, Events, Marketing, and Publishing sectors. Conventional digital advertising formats, impactful events, special operations tailored through direct marketing solutions or the creation of content, NEWEB Régie offers the best weapons to meet the objectives of Branding and Performance of its customers.

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