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Elevating Simplicity: Nordgreen Native Watch Review

August 29, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  1. Nordgreen Native showcases minimalist Danish design.
  2. Small design intricacies set the watch apart from its competitors.
  3. The brand emphasizes its eco-friendly approach.
  4. Quality of vegan leather straps might be questionable.
  5. Unique sunburst effect on the blue dial catches the eye.

Bold Minimalism and Aesthetic Functionality

With a surge in the popularity of microbrands, Nordgreen has garnered significant attention. Unlike its bolder counterpart, the Pioneer, the Nordgreen Native offers a stark contrast by embracing a minimalist approach. On a cursory glance, one might question the rationale behind the lack of features such as a seconds hand or a date display. Yet, it is in this simplicity where the beauty of the Native lies.

Tiny Details that Make the Difference

Despite its modest appearance, the Nordgreen Native is far from a generic quartz watch. The gently curved sapphire crystal doesn’t just add to its aesthetic appeal but also increases scratch resistance. This curve is not isolated – from the lugs, case sides, to the crown, everything possesses a soft roundness. This subtle styling lends the Native a persona of gentleness – making it the perfect accessory for someone who wishes to make a quiet yet powerful statement.

Sustainability Meets Style

Beyond just aesthetics, Nordgreen encapsulates its eco-conscious ethos in the Native. This is evident from the leaf logo to the nature-inspired case back, emphasizing their commitment to a greener future. With the use of sustainable packaging and vegan leather straps, they make a bold declaration in favor of environmental sustainability. The straps, though lacking the classic leather aroma, are visually indistinguishable from real leather. However, potential buyers might want to consider the strap’s longevity, as early signs of wear and tear could appear.

A Dial that Dances

The Nordgreen Native dial is an embodiment of understated beauty. Baton hands, indices, and a subtle logo might seem typical, but the blue dial option adds a touch of magic. In dim settings, the dial exudes a rich, dark blue, almost black shade. But introduce it to a bit of light, and it bursts to life, displaying playful shades of light blue, thanks to the sunburst effect. This feature, combined with the chameleon-like minute indices, makes the dial a captivating visual experience.

Versatility in Design

One of the most appealing facets of the Nordgreen Native is its universal design. With size variants ranging from 28mm to 40mm, it caters to a diverse audience irrespective of gender or wrist size. The 36mm variant, in particular, strikes an ideal balance, ensuring both style and comfort. While the watch offers multiple dial and case color combinations, the blue dial paired with a silver case truly accentuates the Native’s minimalistic charm.

Performance Under the Hood

Although Nordgreen remains tight-lipped about the exact quartz movement in the Native, indications point towards the reliable Miyota 2025 caliber. A testament to its durability, users can expect a battery life ranging between 3 to 5 years. The watch also comes equipped with a 3 o’clock push-pull crown, adorned with the Nordgreen logo. However, those wishing to take their watch for a swim might want to reconsider, as the Native comes with a basic 30m water resistance.

Final Thoughts

In a world inundated with over-the-top designs, the Nordgreen Native serves as a reminder of the elegance inherent in simplicity. Through its minimalist design, subtle intricacies, and eco-friendly approach, the Native offers a blend of style and substance. For those seeking an understated yet remarkable timepiece, the Nordgreen Native is a compelling choice.

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