Elements To Consider for the Best Luxury Home Bar

Elements To Consider for the Best Luxury Home Bar

September 29, 2021
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We all love a night out at the bars. Delicious cocktails, energetic atmospheres, and quality time with friends and family are what makes going out to drink so magical. The following elements to consider for the best luxury home bar can bring that magic right into the comfort of your own house.

Luxury Décor

Every inch of your home bar should scream elegance. Dark wood accents like mahogany, ebony, or rosewood will show your guests that you have the hottest watering hole in the neighborhood. A granite countertop is aesthetically pleasing and durable, but if you want to make a statement, materials like marble and gemstone can take your bar to the next level.

Don’t forget to add character! Simple elements like adding a chalkboard drink menu on the wall or lighting the underside of your countertop with LED lights can add a classic atmosphere.

Build To Entertain

The sign of an exceptional bar is happy patrons. If you want the premier neighborhood entertainment spot, remember to build your bar with comfort and activities in mind. Suede or velvet seating is both luxurious and encourages your guests to stay longer.

Mounted TVs will make your spacious saloon the perfect place to watch the big game. Add a poker table to up the ante. Activities such as these will ensure no other bar will ever be worth leaving home for again.

Become an Expert Bartender

You’ve created a beautiful bar with comfortable seating and entertaining amenities. Now it’s time to drink, right? Before you bust out the bottles, take the time to hone your bartending skills. Having all the proper equipment like cocktail shakers, strainers, graters, and pour spouts not only makes you look the part but will ensure precise and delicious drinks.

Stock your bar with the finest drinkware; hand-cut crystal cocktail glasses add to the drinking experience. Lastly, serve your alcohol on custom-made coasters featuring your bar’s original name! These are just a few elements to consider for the best luxury home bar.

Only Serve the Finest Booze

Finally, it’s time to pop a bottle! If you truly want a home bar that is the zenith of opulence, you can only serve the finest liquors available. A well-stocked wine fridge or cellar is a staple in any luxury bar, but set your tavern apart from the others with a fine selection of popular bourbons. Bourbon isn’t just the drink of the lavish; having high-end bottles on the shelf can be the finishing touch for the décor.

Going out to the bars has drastically changed in the past year, as many people now prefer to stay home for fun. If you want to bring the drinking to you in an elegant manner and become the hottest house on the block, a home bar is the way to go. With these elements and a little creativity, you can create the ultimate hangout spot enjoyed by you and your friends for many years to come!

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