Eating Sustainably: How To Be an Ethical Consumer of Fish

Eating Sustainably: How To Be an Ethical Consumer of Fish
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Fish is a great protein to add to your diet, giving your body numerous health benefits and nutrients—such as Omega 3, vitamin D, and iron. However, buying fish can negatively affect the environment if done improperly. Read on to learn how to eat sustainably and be an ethical consumer of fish.

The Importance of Eating Sustainably

Eating sustainably is one of the more important factors to consider when it comes to fish. Overfishing can cause irreparable harm to the local ecosystem and destroy fish and other animal populations. This destruction can lead to massive ecosystem changes, job losses, and a terrible situation for everyone. Fortunately, all is not lost; Alaska exemplifies the importance of fishing sustainably and the practices other states can implement.

Researching Companies

Find a way to only support the companies who follow government regulations and help support the environment by eating sustainably and being an ethical consumer of fish. Research every company before you purchase fish from them to determine their sources. Additionally, you can look for BAP certification on your suppliers’ packaging to gauge their commitment to sustainable practices.

Seasonal Fish

Most fish species don’t reproduce year-round, as they follow different cycles. Try to eat fish during the peak of their reproductive cycles, as doing so causes the least harm to the environment. Otherwise, you’re eating fish that was caught outside of its season and frozen, putting strain on their population.

These steps are important when it comes to adding fish to your diet. Even ordering fish dishes at restaurants can put undue pressure on these ecosystems if they don’t source their fish from a reputable supplier. Ethical consumption is very important for the health and well-being of humans, animals, and plants alike, and it’s worth investigating further if you want to eat more fish.

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