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Discovering the Hidden Gems of Costco’s Liquor Collection

May 31, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  1. Costco offers an impressive variety of Kirkland Signature alcohol at competitive prices.
  2. The selection includes premium vodka, whiskey, tequila, gin, rum, and more.
  3. The quality of Kirkland Signature products often rivals well-known brands.
  4. Costco liquor offerings can vary by location and date.
  5. In some states, you may be able to buy alcohol at Costco without a membership.

Uncovering the Secret World of Costco Liquor

Costco’s Mysterious Approach to Alcohol Sales

Costco is a retail giant famous for its bulk quantities of high-quality products at competitive prices. However, when it comes to their liquor offerings, information has been scarce. Costco’s online presence provides little information on the types of alcohol they sell or their prices, leaving customers in the dark. Regardless of their reasons, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to create an ultimate guide to Costco’s alcohol selection.

Kirkland Signature: Costco’s Private Label of Distinction

When it comes to Costco’s alcohol selection, the store’s private label, Kirkland Signature, has expanded and diversified its offerings over the years. This comprehensive guide will focus on the impressive variety of Kirkland Signature liquors available at Costco, offering insights into their quality, taste, and value for money.

Delving into the Kirkland Signature Liquor Lineup

Kirkland Signature Vodkas

  • American Vodka: Made in the USA, this vodka is distilled six times and offers a smooth, mildly sweet finish. At $12.99 for 1.75L, it’s an incredible value.
  • French Vodka: Distilled five times in France, this elegant vodka has a clean aroma and a smooth finish. It retails for $24.99 for 1.75L.

Kirkland Signature Whiskies

  • Canadian Whisky: Aged for six years in white oak, this velvety smooth whisky has a rich, creamy taste with a slightly spicy finish. It’s priced at $27.39 for 1.75L.
  • Blended Scotch Whisky: With a slightly sweet, malty taste, this whisky offers a gently warming finish. It costs $22.99 for 1.75L.
  • Blended Scotch Whisky – Aged 12 Years: Matured in oak casks for at least 12 years, this blended scotch has notes of caramel, spice, and smoky peat. It retails for $52.99 for 1.75L.
  • Irish Whiskey: Triple distilled and aged for a minimum of four years in oak casks, this whiskey is smooth and rich. It’s priced at $39.68 for 1.75L.

Kirkland Signature Tequila, Gin, and Rum

  • Añejo Tequila: Made from 100% blue agave and aged in American oak barrels, this tequila offers an exceptional taste with an ultra-smooth finish. It costs $27.99 for 1L.
  • London Dry Gin: Distilled five times using copper pot stills, this classic gin has clean and pure notes of juniper and citrus. It retails for $25.49 for 1.75L.
  • Spiced Rum: With an intriguing origin story, this spiced rum is bottled in Louisville, KY, despite claims of being from the U.S. Virgin Islands. It costs $13.99 for 1.75L.

Kirkland Signature Liqueur and Cognac

  • Irish Cream Liqueur: A delicious blend of fresh dairy cream, whey spirits, and Irish whiskey, this liqueur is rich and smooth. It retails for $20.26 for 1.75L.
  • XO Cognac: Aged for 12 to 21 years in French oak barrels, this full-bodied cognac has flavors of honey, chocolate, and almond, leading to a smooth finish. It’s priced at $67.99 for 750ML.

Kirkland Signature Wines

  • Cabernet Sauvignon: With complex aromas of plum and raspberry, this wine features bright cherry fruit, licorice, and mocha notes. It costs $9.99 for 750ML.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot: This wine offers gentle fermentation that extracts soft, round tannins while emphasizing the black cherry notes of Merlot and the ripe black currant characteristics of Cabernet Sauvignon. It retails for $8.99 for 750ML.

The Bottom Line: Quality and Value in Costco’s Kirkland Signature Alcohol Selection

The Kirkland Signature liquor lineup showcases Costco’s commitment to offering its customers high-quality products at competitive prices. With an extensive selection of spirits, from smooth vodkas to aged whiskies, tequila, gin, and more, there is something for every palate and budget. While the availability of these offerings may vary by location and date, one thing is for sure – the Kirkland Signature brand delivers remarkable value without compromising on quality.

As you explore the world of Costco’s liquor collection, keep in mind that alcohol sales policies may differ across states, with some allowing non-members to purchase alcohol. So, whether you’re already a Costco member or considering joining, the Kirkland Signature alcohol selection is yet another compelling reason to enjoy the perks of shopping at this retail giant. Cheers to discovering the hidden gems in Costco’s liquor aisle!

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