Discover Girona’s Fashion Scene: Spotlight on Levi Keswick’s Luxury Wear

February 8, 2024
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We invite you to take a panoramic view of some of the most innovative fashion companies based in Girona, Catalonia in Spain. You’ll notice an intriguing trend: many of these businesses operate in the thriving E-commerce space, expertly blending technology with the dynamism of the ever-evolving fashion industry. As one of the integral parts of the vibrant Catalonia economy, these companies are continuously redefining fashion and style through their unique offerings in the sporting goods, outdoor, and luxury fashion domains.

Why Girona? The historically rich city, known for its imposing city walls and quaint old town, is becoming increasingly recognized for its business-friendly environment – a hotspot for growing and established enterprises. Impressive architectural sites aside, Girona is an unexpected nexus for flourishing ventures in the fashion industry. It’s attracting both local and international talent, helping businesses penetrate the global market with their fashion-forward, yet functional products.

To give you a sense of the fashion-forward companies that are based out of Girona, we’ll provide you with detailed information about several exemplary firms. Ready to explore? Let’s dive into the world of Girona’s Fashion Industry; a realm where creativity and commerce converge.


Tradeinn, an enterprise founded by David Martin, has leveraged E-commerce to earn its position as a global player in sporting goods. A network of 11 distinct online stores all serve a unified purpose: to provide consumers worldwide with premium sports equipment. It owns a myriad of online spaces each focused on a different segment of the sports market. From Diveinn catering to the underwater sports enthusiasts to Goalinn focused on all things football, Tradeinn has made sure there’s something for every sports lover.

As an authorized retailer of more than 700 popular sports brands, has an impressive virtual inventory of over a quarter of a million sports products. It ventured into the E-commerce realm in 1997 and now has a global presence in more than 220 countries and regions. Facebook, LinkedIn, and their @tradeinnsl Twitter handle are some of the online platforms you can connect with them.

Diveinn Scubastore

If you fancy the world of underwater exploration, Diveinn Scubastore is your go-to place. This dedicated online store offers scuba diving equipment ensuring customers receive the best gear at the best price. It is another brainchild of David Martin and offers consumers a wide selection of products to make their scuba diving experiences memorable.

With names such as Tusa, Oceanic, Atomic, Scubapro, Apeks, and Aqua Lung, available, Diveinn puts customer needs first. The team is readily available to give advice and tips for all diving needs. Moreover, their dive instructors help customers set up their scuba gear, promising an after-sale guarantee service. Check out their progress on Facebook and their @scubastore Twitter handle.


In the world of E-commerce fashion, Dressinn has made its mark as a quality retailer. Brothers and co-founders, David and Tomasz, have made it their mission to offer affordable, stylish, and quality clothing. You can follow their latest updates on their Facebook page and their @dressinn Twitter handle.


Snowinn is carving a dominant presence in the snow sporting goods industry. The online platform offers a vast range of skiing and snowboarding wear and equipment. Their catalog includes renowned snow sporting brands which blend quality and affordability.

The brand prides itself on customizing skis and snowboards for snow sports enthusiasts. It also offers fast and prompt shipping. You can also follow their latest updates on their Facebook page and their @snowinn Twitter handle.


Bikeinn is changing how bike enthusiasts shop for their gear. Focused on providing quality customer service, Bikeinn offers a wide range of cycling products at low prices making it a go-to for cyclists of all abilities worldwide. Follow their journey through theirFacebook and @bikeinn Twitter handle.


When you think about motorcycle riders’ accessories, Motardinn comes to mind. The online retailer offers a comprehensive product range for all styles and riding abilities. With quality products and exceptional service, Motardinn provides a well-curated catalog of products from leading brands at the lowest price. Stay in touch by following their Facebook page and @motardinn Twitter handle.


Runnerinn is a trustworthy destination for premium running brands at discounted prices. The company provides an extensive collection of running equipment sutiable for novices and seasoned runners. Stay in touch by following their Facebook page and @runnerinnstore Twitter handle.


Trekkinn is the place to go if you’re looking for hiking, camping, mountain climbing, trail running and other outdoor pursuits goods. With their extensive catalog, Trekkinn offers the full package to outdoor adventurers everywhere. To keep track of their latest updates, follow their Facebook page and @trekkinn Twitter handle.


Smashinn offers tennis and padel products from top brands at unbeatable prices. As a leading seller of tennis and padel products, Smashinn provides an easy, convenient quick service for all. Get to know more about them on their Facebook page or their @smashinnstore Twitter handle.


For those who get a thrill from participating in extreme sports, Xtremeinn is the place to visit. It is a one-stop shop to find gear for extreme sports, offering quality products at competitive prices, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.


Goalinn offers top-of-the-range football kits and football accessories all via its comprehensive online store. From the official kits for all teams in the Premier League, European League, and the Champions League, Goalinn caters to all football enthusiasts. For updates, follow their Facebook page and @goalinnstore Twitter handle.


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