Detroit’s Premier Event Promotion Companies Revolutionizing Fashion Experiences

February 8, 2024
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In the wake of Detroit’s renaissance, a vibrant event promotion industry has taken root, contributing to the city’s dynamic cultural resurgence. Renowned for its dedication to creativity, community building, and innovation, Detroit’s event promotion sector is diverse, ranging from nonprofit fundraising platforms, to electronic music festival organizers, to luxury event planners. Seven companies in particular are gaining notable recognition for their dynamic roles within this burgeoning industry.

Through their event promotion business models, each of these companies has found a unique way to engage and interact with audiences while offering essential services that foster rich communal experiences. While each company necessarily varies in its approach depending on the specific niche it occupies within the industry, they are all united by their shared commitment to enhancing Detroit’s diverse entertainment and cultural offerings.

Whether by leveraging digital resources or embracing traditional elements of event planning and promotion, each company is contributing to Detroit’s cultural fabric in significant ways. The following companies are acknowledged for their unique contributions to Detroit’s event promotion industry.


Founded by Edward Norton, Jeffrey Wolfe, Robert Wolfe, and Shauna Robertston, CrowdRise is a leading crowdfunding and event management platform. It specifically focuses on charity endorsements, encouraging nonprofits, corporate foundations, and events to unlock the potential of their crowd for philanthropic causes. Prominent partners of include The American Cancer Society, Red Cross, and United Airlines.

Display Group

Representing the creative spirit of Detroit, Display Group is an event production company crafted by a team of artists and craftsmen. Whether creating an intimate dinner or a large-scale festival, Display Group ensures that each event they manage is memorable and impactful.


RoosterTail is a premium event management company synonymous with luxury. From weddings to corporate gatherings, RoosterTail excels in organizing and promoting high calibre, unforgettable events.

Liberati Group

Founded by Justin Wedes, Liberati Group is an innovative, boutique public relations firm, combining consulting, digital media, event promotion, and entertainment management. Liberati Group strives to bring thought-provoking, multi-dimensional, and engaging events to Detroit.

URON Challenge

Famed for their app marketing, URON Challenge, founded by Ashley Collins, is bringing digital marketing into the event promotion industry. Building communities through interactive events, URON Challenge is changing how people communicate and connect in a digital age.


Paxahau speaks to the heart of Detroit through its focus on electronic music. Equally committed to curating creative talent and creating the perfect environment to enjoy music, the company is best known for organizing the Movement Festival and Detroit Restaurant Week.

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