Curb Appeal Sabotage: Mistakes That Insult Your Front Porch

Curb Appeal Sabotage: Mistakes That Insult Your Front Porch

January 4, 2022
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A true staple of Southern-style homes everywhere, front porches are symbols of classic Americana that make considerable differences in curb appeal. These exterior areas offer a space for relaxation in the early morning or an evening unwinding from the hustle and bustle.

While most homeowners know that front porches increase the overall value of their property, some forget that it takes more than simply having a porch to maintain visual interest. Here are a few mistakes that insult your front porch and sabotage curb appeal.

Not Keeping It Clean

As high-traffic paths, front porch areas are susceptible to dirt and grime that affect their appearance. Consider pressure washing brick stairways and stoops, sealing wooden floors, and removing fallen leaves to keep your property appealing and safe to walk on.

Not Rolling Out the Welcome Mat

Placing a friendly door mat is a simple yet effective way to bring warmth to your porch. Of course, monogrammed versions of welcome mats are top-tier choices in this case.

Avoiding Decorative Accents

Leaving your doorway void of home décor is a missed opportunity for stylish ensembles, planters, lighting, and other knick-knacks that add customization to your home’s style. You don’t need to incorporate everything at once but consider adding a wicker sofa and some throw pillows to create a more welcoming aura.

Neglecting Plant Care

Having bountiful greenery around and on your front porch adds color and introduces shade to cool down front patios in warmer climates. However, remember to buy plants that you know you can maintain. There’s nothing more uninviting than dry, dying plants and shrubs cascading around your front door.

Peeling Paint and Unsightly Doors

Peeling paint and neglected door frames are sure-fire ways to negatively impact curb appeal and reduce your front porch’s presence. Luckily, you can make a quick weekend project out of painting mahogany doors and tackling any siding concerns.

Exterior entryways fulfill multiple purposes that include aesthetics, value, and security. However, you can sabotage the intention by making mistakes that insult your front porch. On the bright side, with a few sprucing details, you can maximize your porch’s appearance and potential.

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