Copenhagen Spotlight: Exploring Denmark’s Innovative Fashion Powerhouse

February 8, 2024
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Copenhagen is renowned for its rich culture and iconic landmarks. But what may come as a surprise to some is that it is also a thriving hub for high-end fashion brands, with a distinct Scandinavian flair. Rooted in minimalistic elegance, these brands have made a name for themselves on a global stage, capturing the ethos of Danish design while promoting sustainability and innovation. Here, we take a closer look at twelve Copenhagen-based fashion brands that are challenging the status quo and redefining style.

From trend-setting e-commerce platforms to boutique luxury brands, each one of these firms boasts a unique story and a proud commitment to their craft. They are not merely trend followers but trendsetters who shape the future of the fashion industry. Add to that a smart use of technology, and you have brands that are creating stunning collections as well as superior customer experiences.

These Copenhagen-based brands are proving that fashion can be a force for good – promoting inclusive, sustainable, and accessible designs that both look good and do good. Their stories are as different as they are inspiring. Without further ado, here are twelve fashion brands from Copenhagen that have one eye on the catwalk and the other on creating a better tomorrow.


Nordgreen is a watch company founded by Denis Fedoryaev, Pascar Sivam, and Vasilij Brandt. It blends Scandinavian minimalism with the fine craftsmanship of a leading Danish designer. The company targets markets all over the world with its fully localised websites, backed by a novel cross-border e-commerce strategy. The company is backed by Blazar Capital and is all set to become the next major watch brand coming out of Scandinavia.


Founded by Jesper Buch, Konrad Kierklo, and Mike Radoor, Miinto Holding is an online fashion platform that connects fashion boutiques and brands in Europe. The firm, based in Copenhagen, is one of Scandinavia’s fastest-growing eCommerce businesses. It connects online shoppers, boutiques, and brands in seven European markets. The company is driven by a strong belief in the power of digital to re-connect consumers with local shopping and invent a true omnichannel consumer experience.


Goodiebox is an online cosmetic company that provides cosmetics and beauty products. The company aims to create relationships between the beauty and cosmetics brands and consumers. Founded by Nikolai Leonard-Hjorth and Rasmus Hansen Schmiegelow, the company distributes a box of cosmetics including products of various brands and gives both large international brands and smaller niche brands the opportunity to market their products directly to a target group that is interested.


Son of a Tailor is a Denmark-based company founded by Jess Fleischer. The company provides its clients with customized T-shirt tailoring services. The company is based in Copenhagen, Hovedstaden. The brand represents an innovative approach to the clothing industry by promoting individuality and personal style.

Organic Basics

Founded in 2015, Organic Basics is a sustainable brand that makes everyday essentials in organic cotton and recycled materials. Founded by Alexander Christiansen, Christoffer Immanuel, and Mads Fibiger Rasmussen, this brand is on a mission to create environmentally friendly fashion. The company has a purpose-driven vision to democratize sustainable basic clothing on a global scale.

Miinto Denmark is Scandinavia’s largest online fashion store. More than 600 independent retailers and brands sell their products on The company, founded by Jesper Buch and Konrad Artur Kierklo, was born out of an idea generated by two Danish high-school entrepreneurs. Today, the retail aggregate is present in 7 countries, and expects to exceed 50 million Euros in turnover.

The Vintage Bar

The Vintage Bar, founded by Marie Louise Schultz, offers a variety of goods, including jewelry, accessories, clothing, and luggage. In addition to offering unique, upscale product lines, the company also offers delivery services, adding an edge to the shopping experience.


Claimlane got its start in Copenhagen when a team of fashion wholesaler, IT specialists, and a surfer got fed up with the inefficient way complaints were handled in the local fashion scene. The company, founded by Casper Boegeholdt Andersen, Gudjon Oddsson, and Jakob Kristoffersen, set out on a mission to create a new platform that eliminates time-wasting processes and dead ends.

Copenhagen Cartel Swim

Copenhagen Cartel sells swimwear and activewear products for women. Founded by Katrine Lee Larsen, the company offers leggings, tops, t-shirts, sports bras, shorts, hoodies, sweatshirts, joggers, and bikini tops. The brand embodies the trendy, active lifestyle of its Copenhagen-based founders, with an emphasis on quality and fashion-forward design.


CONTINUED, founded by Jeppe Basse, Peter Svensson, and Vigga Svensson, is a platform for circular fashion through which brands can facilitate take back and resell of products more than once. The company is on a mission to let your brand explore future business opportunities based on a circular economy while executing existing business.


Founded by Nicolaj Reffstrup, GANNI is a Danish fashion brand headquartered in the heart of Copenhagen. Ganni is represented in more than 400 of the world’s finest international retailers as well as in 18 own concept stores in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. The GANNI mission is simple: to fill a gap in the advanced contemporary market for effortless, easy-to-wear pieces.

In conclusion, Copenhagen is a hotbed of innovative and sustainable fashion brands that are making a significant impact on the global stage. Each brand brings a unique perspective and refreshing approach to the fashion industry. They’re not just about creating beautiful pieces, they’re about creating a sustainable and inclusive future for fashion.

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