Considerations To Make Before Modifying Your Vehicle

Considerations To Make Before Modifying Your Vehicle

July 19, 2021
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Car and truck modifications might seem extra, but for those who want them, they’re an opportunity to create your dream vehicle. With the amount of vehicle customizations available—such as cold-air intakes for greater engine performance, new wheels and tires for better speed and handling, or a new wrap or paint job for fresh exterior—it’s no surprise that vehicle modifications have gained such a cult following. Still, there are some important considerations to make before modifying your vehicle. Read on to learn more about how you can protect yourself and your vehicle from any potential issues.


One of the main considerations you must think about before adding any modifications to your vehicle is cost. Like any customization project, cars and trucks offer a blank slate for you to redesign as your own. Keep note of which modifications fit your lifestyle and price range. A simple light bar kit might mean more to you than a fully new engine or dual exhaust system. Alternately, even new tires might be a more feasible option for you. The choices are limitless so long as they fit your wallet. Modifying your vehicle may also void your warranty or raise insurance premiums.


This might shock some car or truck owners, but—not every vehicle modification is street legal. Legality is an often-overlooked consideration that can save you time, money, and further issues with the law. More importantly, there are some truck modifications that are illegal in the United States. It is illegal to own or modify your truck with radar detectors, remove mufflers or catalytic converters, nitrous oxide, dark-tinted windows, too high ground clearance, or using a light bar on the road. Some of these modifications, like nitrous oxide and dark-tinted windows, apply to cars as well. Save yourself the future hassle and avoid these modifications.


With that in mind, you still have every right to outfit your vehicle with legal modifications. When thinking about the top considerations to make before modifying your vehicle, anyone who’s serious has thought through and calculated the budgetary and legality concerns. This leaves room for performance and style. Pickup trucks looking for greater off-road optimization might require all-terrain tires, greater suspension, bead-locked wheels, grille guards, skid plates, and more. Car owners who want to increase their speed might consider adding performance tires, cold-air intake, and dual exhaust. If performance isn’t your take and you’d rather play with the style of the vehicle, consider a new wrap or paint job. Car wrapping is cheaper and offers slight protection to a vehicle’s exterior, whereas a new paint job is permanent but widely customizable. As previously mentioned, even new tires or wheels can improve the style of the vehicle without unnecessary labor or cost.

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