Common Types Of Road Accidents: What You Need To Know

Common Types Of Road Accidents: What You Need To Know

February 6, 2023
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Isn’t it weird that most city space is reserved for cars? We just grew with this idea that cars are the norm and there should be a lot of gray pavement. We were taught that all of this space is exclusive for cars and it is what it is. We were also taught that traffic accidents are also the norm and that pedestrians are the ones that need to be careful. The usual rhetoric always states that cars are not the problem, but humans are.

Car-centric cities, almost every city in the US, see way too many road accidents. In a matter of seconds, people can lose their lives because we think that cars are a necessity on the road. Until we can reimagine cities made for people by people, we must know how to deal with these accidents. These situations can happen to anyone, you, someone close to you, or someone else, which is why it is essential to know these facts about road accidents.

Different vehicles

Accidents involving two cars are the most common ones, but there are more types of accidents. It is important to know the type of accident so you can call upon the right type of lawyer. This is why calling a car accident lawyer is always a good first instinct. A lawyer specialized in this field has experience in dealing with such accidents and is dedicated to their profession.

If your accident involves other types of vehicles such as trucks, bikes, and scooters, there are also lawyers for such cases. These types of accidents have their own legal issues that require different experts to resolve them.

Common mistakes

One of the main causes of road accidents is speeding, which is the result of many other factors. Many people think that women are not good drivers and they get involved in accidents commonly. But, the stats show that men are more likely to be in road accidents.

Speeding usually results from stressed-out drivers or from boozing and cruising. Another fun fact to mention here is that stoned drivers are less likely to get in road accidents. The effects of cannabis positively relax the mind and make people drive with greater care. This does not mean that you should drive while baked on that Zaza.

Other mistakes

There are many reasons why people make mistakes on the road. Apart from stress, sleep deprivation is another common cause of accidents on the road. This is especially common in truck-related accidents because truck drivers get treated most of the time inhumanely.

Phones are another big problem on the road, texting is especially damaging. The problem gets even more messed up when a random Tesla on autopilot glitches. This happens more than Elon Musk wants you to know, but we are still far from good autopilots on the road.


The most common type of collision is the rear-end collision, but it is not the only one. Read-end collisions may not seem dangerous at first, but if the whiplash effect occurs, they can be devastating. Whiplash can result in anything from a minor concussion to chronic neck pain.

The next type is a side collision, most commonly the passenger next to the driver is at the most risk. These are most likely to happen during turns when almost nothing can be done to prevent them. Direct collisions are especially destructive, even though they are not common they are still the most fatal.

Safety first

When a road accident occurs, safety is always the priority, not the car nor the scene police. It is always better to be safe than sorry and you never know the damage until adrenaline levels lower. Even if you do not feel hurt, that does not mean that you did not sustain any damage during the accident.

Once everyone, all parties in the accidents, have been tended to, then think about the accident. Your fight-or-flight instinct will probably be turned on to the max and you need to stay calm. Even if you witness someone close to you injured in the accident, panic will only make the accident worse.


When an accident occurs, it is optimal to stay put and not move the vehicles from the scene. If everyone is safe and the other party wants to move vehicles, decline the offer. If they continue to tamper with the accident scene, make sure to record everything before they do so. Take pictures and do not be afraid to record the whole scene on your phone or ask someone to record.

Call the police so the gathered evidence can be verified properly, this is important for later on. Insurance companies are pretty stubborn when it comes to paying compensation. That is the last thing insurance companies want because that means revenue losses on their end.

The moment

What separates every road accident from becoming an accident is just a moment. In the blink of an eye, everything can go wrong and it can change lives, for the worse. One moment you are driving, and everything is going well, the next moment, you don’t know where you are.

Every type of accident has a moment of sudden change that no one can process immediately. It is the adrenaline pumping and your instinct trying to save you during this moment. It is something that no one can prepare you for but something that you must be aware of if you witness a road accident.

Road accidents will continue to be a problem as long as there are cars on the roads, there is no way around it. It is almost as if the system breeds these accidents that fill the pockets of many other industries. In order to reduce the number of road accidents, systematic changes must be implemented. It is very important to talk about our streets and remember what cities are made for.

Cities should be places for humans, animals, and nature, not for speedy metallic blocks. If you think that autopilot cars are the solution, they are just a new player in this town. Revolution in cleaning did not arise by creating superior brooms. The revolution came from vacuum cleaners, the same principle applies to this more important issue.

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