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Chasing Speed: A Potential Bugatti Foray into Motorcycling

August 4, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  • Bugatti, despite its diverse portfolio, has never ventured into motorcycle production.
  • Supercar manufacturers have explored motorcycle production with varying degrees of success.
  • Bugatti could theoretically excel in motorcycle production, but various factors could hinder success.
  • No supercar manufacturer has successfully transitioned to motorcycles in the last fifty years.

Bugatti – An Automotive Legacy, But No Motorcycles

Bugatti, a company with a rich history dating back to 1909, has an impressive portfolio of vehicles, including sedans, racing cars, and hypercars. However, despite the company’s prolific history and product diversity, a two-wheeled Bugatti creation does not exist. Given their strong design aesthetic and engineering prowess, it’s interesting to explore why they’ve refrained from motorcycle production thus far.

Supercar Manufacturers and Their Motorcycling Adventures

Interestingly, many supercar manufacturers have dabbled in the world of motorcycles, albeit with mixed success. These ventures have produced some captivating machines, like the Lotus C-01 and the Design 50 by Lamborghini, but none have managed to make a significant impact in the motorcycle industry. This raises the question: Does the supercar pedigree translate well to motorcycles?

Imagining a Bugatti Motorcycle

The theoretical prospect of a Bugatti motorcycle is undeniably exciting. Given the resources and technological prowess of the Volkswagen Audi group, which owns Bugatti, there’s little doubt that such a project could result in a high-performance motorcycle. Nevertheless, this venture could face considerable hurdles. The primary buyers of Bugatti vehicles—middle-aged men—may not be the most likely demographic to purchase high-performance motorcycles, preferring comfort over speed.

The Risk of the Two-Wheeled Venture

Venturing into motorcycle production, despite having the necessary resources and technology, carries significant risks for Bugatti. Given the failure of supercar manufacturers to make a significant mark in the motorcycle industry over the last half-century, Bugatti’s venture might not yield the expected results. Sticking to their hypercars, which they’re known best for, might be a wise decision for the company.


While the thought of a Bugatti motorcycle is thrilling to fans and riders alike, the reality may not be as rewarding. The diverse and challenging dynamics of the motorcycle industry have proven tricky for other supercar manufacturers. This analysis suggests that, while Bugatti may have the capacity to make a technically superior motorcycle, the potential risks and uncertain rewards make it less likely. Ultimately, the answer to “does Bugatti make motorcycles” remains a resounding “no” for now. However, with the ever-evolving dynamics of the automotive industry, only time will tell if this stance changes.

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