Celebrating Aviation History: The Breitling Navitimer Boeing 747 Limited Edition

June 17, 2023
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Key takeaways:

  • Breitling, renowned for its pilot’s watches, introduces the Navitimer B01 Chronograph 43 Boeing 747 Limited Edition to commemorate the end of Boeing 747’s production.
  • This limited edition timepiece features a cream dial, black subdials, and a red inner-slide rule scale, paying homage to the original 747’s color scheme.
  • With its COSC-certified caliber 01 movement and attractive aesthetics, the Navitimer Boeing 747 Limited Edition showcases Breitling’s commitment to blending historical references with modern design.
  • The limited edition watch maintains the classic Navitimer features, including a 43mm stainless steel case, a column-wheel, and a vertical clutch, with a slight price increase compared to the standard model.


In the realm of pilot’s watches, Breitling stands out for its exceptional craftsmanship and rich heritage. The Navitimer, introduced in 1952, quickly became the go-to timepiece for aviation professionals, even earning the distinction of being the official watch of the AOPA. Now, Breitling pays tribute to an aviation milestone with the Navitimer B01 Chronograph 43 Boeing 747 Limited Edition. Let’s delve into the details of this special timepiece that captures the essence of the iconic Boeing 747 and celebrates its legacy.

A Timeless Tribute: Design and Features

The Navitimer Boeing 747 Limited Edition showcases a dial that harks back to the original 747’s color scheme. Its warm cream dial, black subdials, and red inner-slide rule scale create a visually striking combination. The caseback of the watch is engraved with the words “The Original Jumbo Jet” and “One of 747,” commemorating the final 747’s production. While the limited edition retains the fundamental design elements of the standard Navitimer 43, it introduces a captivating aesthetic that pays homage to the Boeing 747’s historical significance.

Blending Tradition with Innovation: Breitling’s Approach

Breitling has a knack for infusing historical references into its modern timepieces, and the Navitimer Boeing 747 Limited Edition is no exception. The Navitimer series, originally conceived by Willy Breitling to assist pilots, has stood the test of time. From accompanying astronauts in space to adorning the wrists of renowned figures like Miles Davis, the Navitimer has earned its place as a legendary chronograph design. By continuously releasing new color schemes and variants, Breitling successfully maintains the allure of this iconic timepiece.

Craftsmanship and Performance: The Heart of the Navitimer

Underneath its captivating exterior, the Navitimer Boeing 747 Limited Edition houses the reliable and precise Breitling Caliber 01 movement. This COSC-certified automatic movement features a column-wheel and vertical clutch, ensuring smooth chronograph functionality and enhanced accuracy. With a power reserve of 70 hours, this timepiece is a testament to Breitling’s commitment to performance and functionality, making it a reliable companion for aviation enthusiasts and watch connoisseurs alike.

Key Specifications and Options

  • Brand: Breitling
  • Model: Navitimer B01 Chronograph 43 Boeing 747 Limited Edition
  • Reference Numbers: AB01383B1G1A1 or AB01383B1G1P1
  • Diameter: 43mm
  • Thickness: 13.7mm
  • Case Material: Stainless steel
  • Dial Color: Cream with black subdials
  • Lume: Super-LumiNova indices, hour, and minute hands
  • Water Resistance: 30 meters
  • Strap/Bracelet: Black alligator leather strap with folding buckle or steel seven-row Navitimer bracelet with butterfly clasp

In Conclusion: A Testament to Aviation Legacy

The Navitimer Boeing 747 Limited Edition encapsulates the spirit of aviation history while showcasing Breitling’s expertise in watchmaking. With its exquisite design, precise movement, and limited availability, this timepiece pays homage to the iconic Boeing 747 and stands as a remarkable collectible for enthusiasts and admirers of fine watches. Breitling’s dedication to blending tradition and innovation ensures that the Navitimer series continues to soar high in the world of pilot’s watches.

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