Cashing in on Nostalgia: How Your Beanie Baby Collection Could Make You Rich

May 11, 2023
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Key takeaways:

  • Some rare Beanie Babies can fetch thousands of dollars on resale markets like eBay
  • The most valuable Beanie Babies often have errors on their tags or unique features
  • Britannia the Bear is among the top valuable Beanie Babies, with some selling for around $13,995

A Trip Down Memory Lane: Beanie Babies

Beanie Babies took the world by storm in the 1990s, becoming a beloved collectible for children and adults alike. Fast forward to the present day, and some of these plush toys have skyrocketed in value. Whether you’re a collector or simply have a few of these childhood treasures tucked away, it’s worth taking a look at the potential britannia beanie baby value and other valuable Beanie Babies in your collection. Here, we’ll explore 20 of the most valuable Beanie Babies that could make you rich.

The Most Valuable Beanie Babies on the Market

  1. “Large” Wallace and his Squad Current Price on eBay: $680,000.00 This rare large-sized “Wallace” and his friends, two regular-sized Wallaces and Cashew and Huggy, are worth a fortune to collectors.
  2. Princess Bear Current Price on eBay: $675,000.00 Released in 1997, the Princess Bear was dedicated to Princess Diana and is considered one of the rarest Beanie Babies.
  3. “Large” Ariel and 9″ Friends, Issy, Ariel, and Peanut Current Price on eBay: $578,000.00 Introduced in 2000 as a tribute to a young child who passed away, this Ariel set has a high value due to its rarity.
  4. 15-inch Peace Bear and 9-inch Peace, Ringo, and Bones Current Price on eBay: $358,000.00 The extra-large psychedelic Peace Beanie Baby, along with its friends, is worth a staggering amount.
  5. Bubbles Current Price on eBay: $176,000.00 This retired stuffed fish is valued at a jaw-dropping price.
  6. Hippity Current Price on eBay: $49,999.99 This classic Beanie Baby is worth a small fortune.
  7. Patti the Platypus Current Price on eBay: $19,500.00 The most sought-after Patti is the magenta version, which was the first color it appeared in.
  8. Blackie the Bear Current Price on eBay: $49,999.00 Blackie’s value is contingent on its generation.
  9. Valentino Current Price on eBay: $42,299.00 The most expensive Valentino bears are the rare ones with misspelled tags.
  10. Claude the Crab Current Price on eBay: $30,000.00 This Beanie Baby even has a poem dedicated to its name.
  11. Seaweed Current Price on eBay: $30,000.00 Tag inconsistencies and factory errors make this otter highly valuable.
  12. Jake Current Price on eBay: $19,000.00 Tag errors on this adorable duck mean a considerable value.
  13. Hope Current Price on eBay: $15,000.00
  1. Britannia The Bear Current Price on eBay: $13,995.00 This unopened rare find from a McDonald’s partnership is valuable due to errors on its tag and box.
  2. Halo Current Price on eBay: $13,500.00 A rare white star instead of the usual yellow star makes this Halo bear valuable.
  3. Pouch Current Price on eBay: $10,000.00 This kangaroo Beanie Baby could fetch a good chunk of change.
  4. Holiday Teddy Current Price on eBay: $10,000.00 This pre-owned holiday bear has tag and “tush tag” errors.
  5. Snort Current Price on eBay: $7,500.00 Another rare plush with errors, Snort is worth a decent amount.
  6. Gobbles Current Price on eBay: $6,667.00 Selling Gobbles could provide enough money for a nice beach vacation.
  7. Spangle Current Price on eBay: $1,289.99 Though not as valuable as others on the list, Spangle still holds a respectable value.

Cashing in on Your Childhood Memories

If you were an avid Beanie Baby collector during their heyday or simply have a few of these nostalgic plush toys tucked away, it might be worth taking the time to assess their potential value. As this list shows, some of the rarest Beanie Babies, such as the Britannia Beanie Baby, can fetch impressive sums on the resale market. While it’s important to keep in mind that the values listed here may fluctuate, it’s evident that there’s a thriving market for these collectibles. So, dust off those old Beanie Babies and dive into the world of collectible toy resale – you might just find yourself sitting on a plush goldmine.

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